How do I avoid boredom in traffic

What to do in a traffic jam The best tips against boredom

What to do in a traffic jam The best tips against boredom

With the children stuck in traffic: tips against boredom

The ADAC calculated around 419,000 hours of traffic jams and 1.3 million kilometers of traffic jams across Germany for 2016. So, for better or worse, traffic jams are part of everyday life at the wheel. Read in our Verti guide what you can do against boredom if you are stuck in a traffic jam again. You will also receive tips on how to avoid traffic jams and how to get to your destination as quickly as possible on long car journeys.

Great things to do while waiting in traffic jams

If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you and your children can keep themselves happy with small activities and games - time flies by for the large and small passengers. Just try out one of the following entertaining games:

License plate bingo: distraction in a traffic jam

Ever played a round of license plate bingo? To do this, all passengers write down nine district and city codes on a piece of paper. If a car drives past whose license number someone has written down, he can cross it out on his slip of paper. Whoever has deleted all the abbreviations listed first is the lucky winner! If the traffic jam is particularly tough, we recommend the short version. The nine indicators are noted in a square with three by three fields. The winner is whoever was able to delete three license plates in a row.

Packing suitcases and co .: Funny games for the trip

A classic not only in traffic jams is the well-known game “I'm packing my suitcase”, which also trains memory. “I see what you can't see” is also ideal for traffic jams: What if there isn't much to see at Stop and Go? Then play a round of celebrity guessing! Everyone imagines a famous personality - and the players try to find out who it is through various questions to which the answer is only given with yes or no.

Board games for waiting in traffic jams

When it is really impossible to get ahead in a traffic jam and the boredom of the little ones in the back seats is particularly great, the time comes for a greater distraction with a real board game. You can buy many board games such as “Halma”, “Connect Four” or “Sink Ships” in a practical travel format. The game boards of these variants have patch fields so that the game pieces do not slip when the car continues.

Traffic jam without end? Break the trip!

The traffic announcement on the radio made it clear to you that the traffic jam won't clear up in the next few hours either? Then just interrupt your trip on the spur of the moment. Take the next possible exit to the rest area or even the next exit from the motorway. Give yourself and your fellow passengers a break. In summer you can visit a swimming lake or head for the next tourist attraction. Do you know the brown signs on the motorway? Let them guide you - and explore the German Röntgen Museum, the Schwaan artists' colony or the Rosenthal monastery!

This is how you avoid traffic jams

Even if the traffic jam can be an opportunity for a spontaneous excursion - travelers actually want to arrive at their destination above all else. To avoid traffic jams as much as possible, you should heed the following tips:
• If possible, plan your car journey in such a way that the likelihood of traffic jams is low. This means, for example: start early in the morning, as there is less traffic at this time. If you drive on Sunday, there is also no work or truck traffic.
• Find out about major construction sites online and via your navigation system when you are planning your journey. So you can choose a route away from the critical points in advance.
• Drive with foresight and pay attention to GPS and traffic reports on the radio. It is not uncommon for diversions and alternative routes to be found in good time before the traffic jam.

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