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Uber is just the beginning: the power of new platforms

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Platforms like Airbnb and Uber define new value chains and thus define new business models. With an almost seductive infrastructure and reach that frees classic providers from the search for sales channels and sometimes also marketing issues, new platform providers can completely change classic service and sales channels. All over. Also in retail. We show examples.


If Real.de, as just reported, wants to open itself up as a sales platform for external traders who are not visible as such on the platform, then this shows that traditional retailers are also gradually understanding that the platform's hour has come.

Above all, Zalando defines itself more than less as a department store, but as a platform that aims to offer brands a comprehensive service. Including brand shops, advertising services and even delivery services in connection with the branches.

Shopping? Indeed. However, Zalando sees itself as a platform provider in the future

One area where over-fiction is seen as having great opportunities is in the beauty market. With Vaniday, Rocket Internet is just starting a service marketplace for everything to do with beauty and wellness in Brazil. The booking platform is to be rolled out internationally.
In this country, for example, the Berlin appointment booking startup Salonmeister.de is already active for hairdressers, beauty and wellness salons. Around 4,000 salons are listed so far. Salonmeister has been part of the British market leader Wahanda since March. Business like this can even be atomized down to the point of manicure - see CityMani in the USA. At the US startup Stylebee, you can also have the beauty helpers come home via an app.

Rocket Internet's latest prank: Vaniday

Service platforms are currently the big bet anyway.

Rocket Internet placed one of these bets with the cleaning portal Helpling. Included are Mangrove Capital Partners, Phenomen Ventures, Point Nine Capital, Lakestar and Kite Ventures.

If it is also to be chic on the outside, then craftsmen platforms such as PaintZen are in demand. The US start-up promises to find certified painters for house painting. Greenpal then helps find the lawnmower man.

It becomes clear that service platforms in particular are in vogue. No wonder that Amazon is also getting into the business and is raising its previously locally limited concept “Amazon Home Services” for the placement of plumbers, television technicians, cleaning aids and so on, making it a national project.

With luck guarantee: Amazon Home Services

The platforms are also spreading out on the delivery side: Lieferheld and Lieferando gather the kebab shops around the world, Instacart (USA) or Shopwings (Germany) take care of the daily purchases. The actual trademark is of secondary importance.

And if there is any trouble with one of these services and platforms. Then we recommend platforms like Upcounsel. The US platform provides the right lawyer with just a few clicks and even offers a money-back guarantee.

What is popping up right now is certainly just the beginning of change and a new world of service and retail that will further soften the classic image of retail. Because with increasing size, such platforms become new meta-dealers and thus become an increasingly unavoidable magnet, which at the same time makes the image of the actual provider increasingly blurred. How much such systems could soon determine the rules of the game, how much they become the ultima ratio, because they marginalize the retailer and service provider as a classic middleman, that can be seen very nicely on Amazon.

Also exciting: The slides of a keynote speech by Matthias Schrader about the realignment of business models from a product to a service-dominant logic based on an omnipresent digital infrastructure. Slideshare


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