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About RISE

Research Industrial Systems Engineering F&E GmbH (RISE for short as in "Sun-Rise") is an international IT consulting, service and software development company. RISE was created as a spin-off from Vienna University of Technology and has exceptional peopleware ". A team whose sponsors have more than 25 years of IT operations, software development and IT project experience and have planned, led and managed some of the most remarkable IT projects in Austria and other countries. These include the establishment of the Austrian eCard infrastructure (2.5 years of implementation, carried out in time & budget), the first NFC-VDV implementation in Europe for mobilkom and ÖBB, which with a total budget of € 2 billion back in the planning year 2005 was the largest IT Project in Europe, a health and school network in Qatar or, for example, accompanying the eGovernment strategy in an African country.

In addition to such tasks in the public sector, RISE has also taken on numerous industrial topics, the professional presentation of which is left to our customers and is not cited by us as a reference. The service portfolio of the references extends over the sectors of banking and finance, mobile communications, telecommunications, business information systems, corporate IT, security technology, the environmental sector as well as the technological fields of software engineering, web engineering, mobile engineering, usability engineering, and interactive Systems, IT security, test automation or network technology. As a "New Technology" -experienced company, we of course also manufacture and integrate reliable prototypes in the HW area with HW-related software and pilot reference systems for large-scale projects based on them. The more than 10,000 card readers in use in all medical practices in Austria are For example, a RISE product (hardware and software) that we will maintain in terms of software for almost 10 years.

On the skill, profile and portfolio side, RISE has the experience and know-how for the large European IT houses to step in as a supplier of subsystems or to serve as an R&D partner at any time. In this role, RISE takes on overall integration, project management, project controlling, the development of project-critical components or the closing of gaps in deficiency or problem cases in the sense of overall responsibility for the solution for the IT industry or for public clients.

RISE has a remarkable "track record" as a renovator and / or fire brigade of major IT projects in crisis or the reorganization of entangled, paralyzed IT units whose team members can no longer contribute their possibilities due to a lack of suitable setups.

In the last 25 years, RISE has brought companies in many industries and public institutions of various types a significant step forward in solving IT problems through excellent development and consulting services and - if necessary - through excellent applied research. RISE planning and RISE architectures are sustainable, state-of-the-art, integrative and protect investments. Due to its workforce, RISE has the professional breadth and depth to meet this level of performance as the big names in IT did 15 years ago. The latter are finding it increasingly difficult because they are less and less able to offer the luminaries and doyen of the industry the work culture that they need and are looking for. IT specialists are loyal problem solvers who take their tasks very seriously. At one point in terms of IT craftsmanship excellent, at another time exceptionally resourceful, these resources remain worldwide where they are taken seriously and where the customer's tasks are really taken seriously and are significantly more than a budget figure in the overall sales plan. - RISE offers a credible home for these specialists.
Methodologically, the demonstrable competence framework of RISE ranges from the corporate area (IT strategy, IT controlling, project and risk management) to classic software development (web application, application programming, mobile services, secure software engineering, middleware & service development) to for the operation of critical back office services (security, availability and performance) as well as the operational management of critical applications (health telematics, treasury systems of major banks, private cloud services).


RISE currently has 300 employees and a network of around 100 specialists who work regularly in teams with RISE. The core of RISE includes 15 international top-level project managers, consultants and IT architects, around 50 IT consultants (senior and competence level) and 80 software engineers and engineering specialists. Our development capacities can - if required - be doubled on a short-term and linear basis. Due to the large project history and an honestly maintained network of IT specialists, RISE has the experience to be able to organize such recruiting within a short period of time. Our project staff have known each other well, for a long time and with mutual experience (cooperative).

RISE employees see themselves as pragmatic, problem-solving and professional task performers in a well-known, dynamic and volatile field in which specialist and management qualifications have a very direct impact on the success of a project and the overall efficiency of a project. RISE employees work as problem solvers in many IT projects where conventional service providers are no longer able to professionally solve tasks. Employees at RISE F&E GmbH currently have leading roles in many European and non-European projects to set up comprehensive IT infrastructures.

The CEO of RISE, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Thomas Grechenig, was a medalist at the international maths Olympiads in his youth and is now a world-renowned IT architect. He himself still works internationally as a planner for large-scale IT systems in the areas of e-government, corporate IT, telecommunications and finance and advises the leading RISE employees on the management of their specialist departments. Thomas Grechenig was, for example, the chief architect of the German Health Card (EUR 1.8 billion project volume) with his team from 2005 to 2008 and is responsible for numerous IT infrastructure planning worldwide. A not insignificant part of the company's second management level has grown from the more than 25-year professional history of its project cultures.


RISE F&E GmbH has operational offices in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Bangalore and Abu Dhabi. RISE has its headquarters and development center in the city of Schwechat with a location near Vienna Airport. RISE owes its Austrian headquarters to an invitation from the mayor of Schwechat, Member of the National Council Hannes Fazekas, in 2003. BM Fazeka's long-term and lasting concern, the profile of Schwechat as an innovative city, is well known and part of a long-term location policy. RISE has branches in 6 countries and can - following the trend of modern IT - operate globally and multilingual. Countries in which we operate once fall back on our services due to our reliability, problem-solving skills and technological strength. The subsidiaries and branches in France, Germany, UAE, Brazil and India have all grown from different project activities. More than 60% of the RISE services and development work are therefore exported.

Vision, mission and investment in the future

"RISE = engineer."
"RISE builds highly solid IT."
"RISE completely solves the task."
"RISE systems perform well."
"RISE protects your investment in IT".
"RISE handles very complex systems."
"RISE redevelops the most difficult large-scale projects."

We are guaranteed to solve your problem and tell you in advance whether you can really achieve the goal within the defined time and budget. RISE fulfills a task that has been taken on for its clients. We - this is almost unique in modern information technology - do not fail as soon as we are allowed to take responsibility. We - this is our promise backed by many references - can operate, cement, supplement, and create success in any existing customer-supplier relationship. This is our unique vision and mission as a company in a very dynamic and volatile industry.

In what phase of life is RISE as a company? RISE reinvests significant parts of its economic success in the development and expansion of the technical infrastructure, in the fermentation of new products as well as in relevant research and basic IT research related to solutions. RISE remains young and is still extremely experienced as an IT provider.

Established as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Technology, RISE continues to work closely with the research group at Vienna University of Technology, but also with other universities, in the field of research and development. There are close collaborations in the scientific fields of software technology, usability and interaction design, web and mobile engineering, IT security, mobile computing and business informatics.