Can I download my Facebook albums

Facebook: Download complete albums - 3 possible ways

Every now and then you want to download complete albums from your Facebook account. Problem with this: If you save each picture using "Save picture as", those pictures do not have the real quality, but are scaled. Facebook itself does not offer its own solution to the problem, but there are ways and means from third-party providers. Here are three ways to download your Facebook albums with one click.


Pick’n’Zip is a pure online application. To use this, you have to log in with your Facebook account. Shortly afterwards you get a nice overview of all your photos and albums. Friends' albums can also be downloaded; Pages and groups are also supported. The downloaded photos end up in a single zip file.


FotoGrabber is software for OS X and Windows, but it is kept very simple. The range of functions is virtually identical to Pick’n’Zip, but neither pages nor groups are supported.

Photo Album Downloader

The Photo Album Downloader is an application directly on Facebook; unlike the previous two solutions, you can really only download entire albums. And nothing happens fully automatically, at least you have to enter the URL of the album by hand. With many albums it can be quite annoying, but it works.


Tip: After using the three apps, you shouldn't forget to take them out of your applications in Facebook. You never know…