How much does botox cost in California



For several years, migraine sufferers have been treated prophylactically with botox injections into the skull area. Apart from a few happy courses of treatment, the percentage positive results did not go beyond the placebo level and it was therefore reasonable that there were no treatment recommendations from reputable headache societies.

In 2013, after patent protection for most triptans expired, drug prices fell significantly due to pressure from the generic market. From the previous 10-20 euros per tablet, the price fell to only around 3 euros, e.g. for Sumatriptan and Maxalt. The profit margins fell considerably and thus (understandably) the interest of the pharmaceutical industry in supporting information events about migraines and their therapy.

The company Allergan (headquarters in California, German branch in Ettlingen), which sells botulinum toxin for medical injection therapy, is now stepping in with commitment. Botox costs around 600 euros for a therapy session with usually over 30 small injections on the head. The treatment must be repeated every 12 weeks.

In the meantime, there is also a clientele who, according to the PREEMPT study, can benefit from botox therapy: The newly (!) Defined patient with chronic migraines (> 15 headache days per month, of which at least 8 with migraine symptoms, no pain medication overuse). In the case of these poor people, the health insurance company will even pay for the Botox treatment if other approved prophylactic agents have not had the desired effect.

However, almost 5% of those treated suffer severe undesirable side effects and the success of the therapy only slightly exceeds the effect of (others?!?) Placebo injections with table salt !!

It speaks for the experience and the sense of responsibility propagating German doctors if they only want to see Botox therapy integrated as a component in a therapy concept, which above all also includes behavioral preventive measures. How should Botox be able to change lifestyle habits, external stress factors or genetic dispositions in the long term?

Nevertheless, it is to be expected that the circle of potential customers will, by definition, continue to grow and that acquisition will be improperly accelerated.

In 2014 NDR 3 broadcast a very interesting report on the topic:,botox134.html

2015: The Allergan company now belongs to Actavis (USA / Ireland) and has relocated its German headquarters to Frankfurt's Westhafen.

200 units of Botox for a single treatment session cost around 600 € instead of previously (2013), now over 800 €. After all, you have expenses ... and a quasi-monopoly.