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Bach Cantata Translations

Cantata for the Fourth Sunday in Advent 1st aria S
Prepare the way, prepare the way!
Prepare the way
And do the bridges
In faith and life
Just like the highest,
Messiah arrives! 1. Aria S.
Prepare the paths, prepare the road!
Prepare the paths,
and make the flagstones
in faith and life
completely level for the highest,
Messiah approaches! 2. Recitative T
If you want to call yourself God's child and Christ's brother,
So the heart and mouth must freely confess the Savior.
Yes man, your whole life
Must bear testimony of the faith!
Shall Christ's word and teaching
Also be sealed by your blood
So be willing!
Because this is the Christian's crown and honor.
Meanwhile, my heart, prepare
Even today the path of faith to the Lord,
And clear away the hills and the heights
Who stand against him!
Roll off the heavy stones of sin
Accept your savior
That he may unite with you in faith! 2. Recitative T
If your wish to be called God's child and Christ's brother,
your heart and mouth must freely acknowledge Him.
Yes, human, your entire life
must give witness of your faith!
Should Christ's word and teaching
also be sealed through your blood,
then give yourself willingly to it!
For this is the Christian's crown and honor.
Meanwhile, my heart, prepare
even today the road of faith for the Lord,
and sweep away the hills and the heights,
which stood in His way!
Roll away the heavy boulders of sin,
take your savior to yourself,
so that He may unite Himself to you in faith! 3rd aria B
Who are you? Ask your conscience
You become very hypocritical
Whether you, oh human, false or faithful,
Have to hear your right judgment.
Who are you? Ask the law
That will tell you who you are
A child of anger in Satan's webs,
A false and hypocritical Christian. 3. Aria B
Who are you? Ask your conscience,
from which, without hypocrisy,
whether you, o human, are false or true,
you must hear the just pronouncement.
Who are you? Ask the law,
it will tell you, who you are,
a child of wrath in Satan's trap,
a false and hypocritical Christian. 4. Recitative A
I want, my God, to confess to you freely,
I haven't really known you yet.
Whether mouth and lips call you lord and father alike,
My heart turned away from you.
I denied you with my life!
How can you give me a good testimony?
As, Jesus, me your spirit and water bath
Purified from my wrongdoing,
I have always promised you firm loyalty;
Oh! But alas! The baptismal covenant is broken.
I repent of being unfaithful!
Oh God have mercy
Oh help me with unwavering loyalty
Always renew the covenant of grace in faith! 4. Recitative A
I will, my God, freely and openly acknowledge You,
Until now I have not rightly perceived you.
Although mouth and lips called You Lord and Father,
yet my heart was turned away from you.
I have denied You with my life!
How can you give me good testimony?
When, Jesus, through Your bath of spirit and water
You purified me from my sins,
indeed I promised You firm loyalty forever;
Ah! but alas! The covenant of baptism is broken.
I regret my infidelity!
Ah, God, have mercy on me,
ah, help, so that with unchanged loyalty
I might continually renew the bond of grace in faith! 5. Aria A
Christ's members, remember,
What the Savior has given you
Pure bath through baptism!
At the source of blood and water
Will your clothes be light
Which are tainted with iniquity.
Christ gave to new clothes
Red purple, white silk,
These are the Christian state. 5. Aria A
Christ's members, ah, consider,
what the Savior has bestowed on you
through the pure bath of baptism!
Through the spring of blood and water
your garments will become bright,
which are stained from sin.
Christ gave as new garments
crimson robes, white silk,
these are the trappings of the Christian.