Is it the new fad to be introverted?

Introverts and ...?

Good evening Community,

I am currently 19 years old and why just like everyone else invest so much time in social relationships I still cannot fully understand.

That probably sounds strange, but I am and always have been a rather rational and emotionless personality to whom nothing was / is never important. That attitude implies that I have no hobbies and neither do I have friends. So if you wanted to call a person "empty", I would be the best example.

But now to my question: Why do people talk?

Quite a mundane question, it seems, but whenever I have to listen to other people's conversations, I wonder why people are talking about such irrelevant subjects. Most of the conversations are about (1) one of the conversation partners being overly upset about something, (2) exchanging irrelevant information (e.g. "I went shopping today ... bla ... bla") or simply (3) incentives / objections to continue the conversation (you talk to talk ..). These are the points that appear in most conversations.

Here I would have to specialize my basic question further, because my general lack of understanding is probably quite profound.

  1. To the first point; Generally, that people get upset ... Most of the time, I had to notice, everyone gets upset about the most insignificant things. E.g. who does it affect if X is together with Y, although X has the property B ?! People seem to have been drummed into a basic general consensus by society as to what they must approve of and what to be upset about. Totally pointless in my opinion, because these social "fads" are just arbitrary and totally unfounded.

  2. What does this exchange of irrelevant information bring? In general, why does the interlocutor expect you to be interested in such information in some way? What do I care if it rained in his city yesterday?

  3. On the third point, I can only say that many people just have conversations in order to have conversations, the purpose of which, as noted above, I do not understand.

I am an extremely introverted person, but I am not overly shy - besides, my previous life situation, which was characterized by social isolation, does not bother me much. Life is boring / monotonous in a certain way, but it also coincides with my pessimistic philosophical attitude. Taking care of social contacts seems to me a lot more exhausting than not having them. Because for me, social contacts mean bonds that you can't just separate.

If this were important information, I could still understand it halfway ... But that is rather the rarity ..

I appreciate your answers

MfG White Baroque