What is the currency of life

Gradido - Natural Economy of Life

A way to global prosperity in peace and harmony with nature

Nature is the model for them Common good currency Gradido that is not created by debt, but by abundance. The natural economy of life can do that Solve today's economic problems and create global prosperity in Peace and in harmony with nature.

Gradido is a monetary and economic model modeled on nature. It offers a active basic income for every person, an ample state budget for every country and an additional compensation and environmental fund to clean up the contaminated sites. The self-regulating system keeps the money supply and thus prices stable. The gentle balance between the hitherto poor countries and the industrialized nations promotes peace.

Thats how it works:

To distinguish it from conventional currencies (dollars, pounds, euros, etc.) we call our currency 'gradido'. The name stands for 'Gratitude‘(Gratitude), 'Dignity‘(Human dignity) and 'Donation' (Give). Let us begin with the most important decision criterion of the natural economy of life, by which we measure all our thinking, speaking and acting - the threefold good.

The threefold good:

The well-being every single participant: WIN WIN
The well-being the community: Family, commune, country, humanity ..
The well-being of the big picture: Nature, environment, mother earth, universe ..

Some advantages:

Everyone is taken care of.
He has a right to do what he likes to do.
Sufficient funds are available for the state budget and the health system.
Nature is respected and restored.
Peaceful interaction with one another enables free development and security.
Instead of the previous debt economy, there is mutual support.

More about gradido here.

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