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Restore deleted apps - This is how it works on Android and iOS

If you accidentally deleted the wrong app while cleaning up your cell phone, we will show you how to restore a deleted app on the iPhone and Android cell phone.

Whether your data, such as saved games, is still available after the restore depends on the app in question. If content is linked to an account, savegames, settings and more can also be repeated after undoing the uninstallation. The following instructions will help you if you have downloaded an app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the official Apple App Store (iPhone). If an app was installed via an alternative source, such as an APK file, usually only a general device backup helps to restore the app and its data.

Recover Deleted Apps (Android)

To restore an accidentally deleted app on your Android device, for example from HUAWEI or Samsung, proceed as follows:

  1. Call the Google Play Store on.
  2. Tap the three strokes top left.
  3. Go to the My Apps and Games area.
  4. Here you switch to the tab Media library.
  5. All apps that have ever been installed with your Google account will now be listed. Both purchased and free apps are included. The list is sorted chronologically by default. So you will see the most recently installed application at the top. Alternatively, you can display the applications alphabetically. There is no overview of the most recently uninstalled apps.
  6. Find the app you accidentally deleted and tap To install.
  7. The app will be restored to your Android phone.

If an entry is missing here, the application was probably removed from the Google Play Store due to a violation of the terms and conditions. If the reinstallation does not bring your previous app data back, check whether there is a backup:

  1. To do this, open the Google Drive app.
  2. Press the three strokes.
  3. Select the area Settings out.
  4. Tap Backup & reset.
  5. Activate the option Auto recovery.

If an app is reinstalled after it has been uninstalled, you can retrieve app data via Google Drive.

Recover deleted apps (iOS)

You can also find your app collection on the iOS device to restore a removed service:

  1. Open the app store on the iPhone.
  2. Press your profile pic top right.
  3. Open the area Purchases. Don't let the name confuse you, you can find both purchased and downloaded applications here.
  4. Select the Not on iPhone entry. You will now see all the apps that you have already downloaded with your Apple ID and are not currently installed on the iOS device. As with Android, you can also see the latest app addition at the top.
  5. Find the app to restore. Press the app entry.
  6. Tap that Cloud icon. The application will now be downloaded and installed on your iOS device.

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As with Android, the same applies to iOS: If content has been saved in the cloud or on servers of the corresponding app, the data will be restored after the reinstallation. Otherwise, you can check whether important content can be retrieved from an iOS backup.

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