Why do we deal with sexuality

Lust and love: This is our new SÜDKURIER series on the topics of relationships, love and sexuality

Love, lust and relationships keep us busy for a lifetime. We want to live happy and fulfilled. But the path is varied. What feels good and right for one person is out of the question for the other. In our large SÜDKURIER series, we shed light on the various facets of love and sexuality and also deal with topics that are not always spoken about freely and openly.

Our authors have met people who report honestly and courageously about their life models, some want to remain anonymous because their way of loving has not yet achieved any real social acceptance. We also asked experts to help classify the topics for the reader. Therapists and psychologists give a lot of valuable tips.

Our "lust and love" topics

We wanted to know how sexual preferences arise, how polyamory is actually lived and why porn can be addicting.

We learned how a Mingle loves and lives, why gender doesn't play a role in some people's fall in love, and why we cheat so often.

We have visited people who have told us what makes them happy - whether in a long relationship or as a single - what the love life with children feels like and how to maintain the desire for sexuality.

We originally planned the series for March, so some of the pre-Corona stories were created. As things happened at that time and we felt that there were more important topics, we moved the series to the summer. Even if Corona is not over, the subject of "lust and love" continues to play a major role in the new normal.

We ask your questions

In the past few weeks you have had the opportunity to send us your questions about love, relationships and sexuality. Dania Schiftan, the Swiss expert for sexuality and partnership from Zurich, will answer your questions in an exclusive video talk on SÜDKURIER On Air at the beginning of August.

Dania Schiftan works as a freelance sexual and psychotherapist, she regularly holds courses, lectures and workshops and has various teaching assignments. You can read a detailed interview with her about lust in long relationships, sexual desires and dates in Corona times here.

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