What is a certified nurse

New job title: nurse


New job title for state-certified nurses - Nurses become health workers

A new job title has been created for nursing staff: Nursing staff who have been trained since 2004 are now called health and nurses. If you were trained according to the old law, in most cases you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep the old term 'nurse' or 'nurse' or use the new job title. The basis for the new regulation is a resolution of the Bundestag from July 2003, which replaces the old Nursing Act of 1985. The new Nursing Act, which changed the job titles for nurses, came into force on January 1, 2004. The renaming is intended to take account of the growing area of ​​responsibility in health and care.


Nursing today

Because the scientific basis of care has been greatly expanded in the last few decades. Nursing training is becoming more and more demanding, teaching is increasingly oriented towards interdisciplinary learning areas and a first step towards generalized nursing training has also been taken. Integrated training is now possible, in which you can decide to specialize in nursing or pediatric nursing after the orientation phase. Incidentally, the minimum age for trainees has also been eliminated.


Still in training to become a nurse (m / f / d)? Apply today!

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