Which toys are the most environmentally friendly?

Plastic-free and sustainable: games and toys

It is the wish of many parents that their children grow up as naturally and plastic-free as possible. It is not without reason that high-quality and natural toys are not only harmless, but also sustainable and, above all, long-lasting.

Unfortunately, plastic toys are ubiquitous in our society as plastic is cheap and usually short-lived. The disadvantage of plastic toys, however, is that they contain plasticizers, which can be harmful to children. On the contrary, plastic-free toys are not only visually appealing, but also the better choice from an ecological perspective.

In this article we show why plastic-free toys are the better choice and give tips and tricks for sustainable toy alternatives for different age groups.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas or simply as a present in between - plastic-free toys are always ideal as a natural gift for every occasion. In addition, children often have more fun playing with wood and natural products than playing with sometimes unstable plastic toys. Toys came from the forest before and were of course completely natural, plastic-free and free. The game was played with wood, stones, sticks and leaves, which shows that you don't need more to play.

Most parents are familiar with the dilemma in which they see themselves every time they want to bring joy to their children and buy a new toy for it. However, with every new toy a lot of pollutants get into the children's room, since toxic children's toys are omnipresent and chemical materials or substances are not infrequently contained in toys.

The problem here is that toddlers tend to experience toys with all of their senses. To do this, they often put toys in their mouths, chew on them, bite into them or lick them off. In particular, pollutants can be released from cheap toys and get into the children's mouth. These pollutants can cause allergic reactions and be harmful to health.

In particular, inexpensive toys from China often have a chemical aftertaste, since unfortunately for many manufacturers the well-being of the children who play with the toy is not a top priority.

Playing is an integral part of everyday life for children, which is why it is all the more important to make this sustainable too. Ecological and, above all, harmless toys can now be found in retail stores, online shops or simply in nature. One way to find sustainable toys is to take a walk in nature to collect stones, sticks, leaves or whatever suits you and take them home with you. Natural objects in particular offer children many opportunities to get creative and find their own toys.

Plastic-free wooden toys

Wooden toys for toddlers from 1 year

Wooden toys not only look great and are robust, they are above all timeless, durable and of great educational value. There is a large selection of organic wooden toys that have been produced fairly and free of harmful substances at littlegreenie. It is up to the buyer whether it should be an untreated wooden toy or one glazed with watercolors.

Some well-known games in a durable wooden version are versatile and well suited for training small children’s fine motor skills. These games are fun and always offer variety and leave the children with multiple senses and, above all, space to try things out independently. Examples for this are:

  • Stacking and plugging games
  • Wooden ball tracks
  • Wooden puzzle
  • Shape placement games
  • Wooden blocks
  • Games of skill

Wooden toy animals for toddlers from 1 year

Many people probably know them from their own childhood - the wooden toy animals in different sizes, colors and shapes. These offer children from toddler age to primary school countless opportunities and freedoms for creative play - and completely free of plastic and pollutants. The wooden animals also impress with their longevity and robust nature. The great thing about wooden animals is that children won't lose interest in them over the years. It is just the way of playing with the animals that changes with the age of the children.

Wooden musical instruments for children from 2 years

The advantage of musical instruments made of wood is that they are robust and have a melodious sound. They form the musical, educational and ecological counterpart to battery-operated plastic toys. The enthusiasm for making music begins early in children, often starting with a rattle or drum. As soon as the motor skills are better developed, more difficult instruments are available. It is not without reason that making music always has a positive influence on children's development. Examples of such instruments are:

  • drum
  • triangle
  • xylophone
  • rattle
  • Clamp ring
  • Rainmaker
  • Cajon

Wooden toy cars for children from 1 year

Cars are essential for many children to play with. In the sustainable version made of wood, littlegreenie also has all the shapes and designs of cars that not only boys dream of. The advantage of wooden vehicles is that they are particularly robust. In addition, they are 100% free of harmful substances, without dangerous paints and without plasticizers. Great examples of these sustainable variants are:

  • Racing car
  • tractor
  • Dump truck
  • pendant
  • Convertible
  • helicopter
  • concrete mixer
  • Fork lift truck

Wood and plastic free games made from bamboo

Another sustainable variant for toys are designs made of bamboo. These are both wood and plastic-free and therefore ideally suited for children of all ages. Choosing toys made from bamboo not only counteracts the plastic craze, but also global deforestation. In this way, even our little everyday heroes can already make their contribution to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable planet.

Our games made of bamboo are the ideal alternative to game variants made of wood or plastic, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can be harvested after three to five years. Our range includes five well-known classics that bring joy to young and old and can also train fine motor skills.

Rocking tower game made of bamboo

The game, also known as Jenga, is not only fun, but also promotes fine motor skills and concentration. This fact makes the game even more attractive for children, and even fur noses can have fun with this classic. It is suitable for both children and adults.

go to rocking tower game

Mancala is the perfect game for at home, but also for on the go. It is also known under the name "Bohnenspiel" and originally comes from Africa and Asia. It is characteristic that with Mancala stones that lie in the hollows are redistributed. However, it can also be played in other ways or just used to practice fine motor skills.

to the Mancala game

Folding board game made from bamboo

Folding board is a dice game that is preferably played in a group of two to four people. The game is particularly suitable for children in the first years of elementary school who are just starting to do arithmetic. It can enrich the practice of basic arithmetic and playfully package it so that the children do not even notice that they are supporting both the environment and their basic mathematical knowledge.

to the folding board game

Match four game made of bamboo

The absolute classic game 4 in a row is also available in a sustainable version made of bamboo. The game is a two-person strategy game with the aim of being the first to line up four of your own pieces. It is suitable for many ages and trains not only fine motor skills but also visual perception. The 4-in-a-row bamboo is the ideal companion both at home and on the go and always guarantees fun for young and old.

to the four in a row game

Every child knows and loves the game of dominoes. This is a placement game with rectangular pieces, which are divided into two fields. All possible combinations of numbers are depicted on each stone. In this environmentally friendly game, not only fine motor skills but also visual comprehension are trained.

to the domino game

The list of examples of plastic-free games and toys could go on and on. However, that is not the intention of this post. We just want to show that the spectrum of sustainable toys is more than wide and that avoiding plastic games in the children's room is not only important for the health of children, but also for our environment.

Choosing plastic-free games and toys does not mean that existing plastic toys have to go to the trash can. However, the next time you buy a toy, you can make sure to opt for a more environmentally friendly and harmless variant.

Toys are one of the things that children have in the slopes (or even in their mouths) every day, which is why it should be worth every investment to choose a sustainable product. In addition, most sustainable games impress with their longevity, timelessness and their robust material, which is made for inquisitive and gross motorized children's hands.