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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift biography

Taylor Swift was born as a small town girl on December 13th, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, but the beautiful singer wanted to go far and wide at an early age. Your ticket for this should be the music. As a little girl, the sweet curly-haired girl tinged through various karaoke competitions to draw the attention of others to her talent. And Taylor Swift undoubtedly has just that - at the age of eleven she wrote her own songs. And it is precisely this devotion to music that gives the young Taylor her first discovery: the record giant Sony picks up when it has her lyrics on the table and hires the country girl as its youngest songwriter.

But Taylor Swift wants and has to get on stage. Just sitting on her four letters and letting others take their laurels with their songs is not her thing. So it comes as if she were discovered one more time during one of her intimate club appearances. This time it jumps out her first own album: Mit Taylor Swift (2006) the country singer celebrated her debut with the pop note and received a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics.

Already in 2008 she was involved Fearless after winning four Grammys - a new star in the country sky is born. Taylor Swift is slated to receive the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video in 2009, but her acceptance speech is interrupted by rapper Kanye West, who said Beyoncé deserved the award more. That moment was the hour of birth for numerous Internet memes - the media attention around Taylor increased. Some refer to this evening as Taylor's entry into the world of "mainstream stars" after she was more at home in the country niche.

Taylor Swift's first acting roles and their musical transformation

Corresponding to her image as a good US girl, Taylor's first acting ambitions were canceled: In addition to teen idol Miley Cyrus, she is allowed in Hannah Montana - The Movie (2009) play none other than yourself. In 2010 she was part of the “Who's Who” ensemble of the hit movie Valentine's day (with Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper, among others) and is praised by the "Los Angeles Times" for her comedic potential.

Musically it went for the ambitious artist with her third album Speak Now (2010), which earned her several entries in the Guiness Book of Records because it sells so well.

With their fourth album, Red (2012), the singer strikes a slightly different note than before. Taylor's new sound is rockier, more poppy and less of the country genre. The singer-songwriter's image is also slowly changing: the good country girl is becoming more and more self-confident. The new direction it is taking seems to be paying off: Also Red becomes a success and brings Taylor numerous awards. In their fifth album, 1989 (2014), Taylor Swift continues her transition from America’s sweetheart to pop star: 1989 is her first official pop album. The talented artist is also breaking new ground when it comes to marketing the album. As part of the "1989 Secret Sessions" Taylor invites fans to exclusive performances of the album.

New Taylor, new album

The album reputation (2017) completes Taylor's transformation into a cool pop singer. She is more sexy and aggressive than ever. In her songs, she openly addresses her conflicts with Katy Perry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and also takes on the media, which Taylor often describes as a man-hungry singer who can only write songs about her ex-boyfriends.

True "Swifties", as Taylor's fans call themselves, know that this is not the truth - it is not for nothing that "Rolling Stone" named Taylor Swift one of the 100 best songwriters of all time in 2015 - but it cannot be dismissed out of hand that her ex-boyfriends are a recurring theme for the singer. For example, “Dear John” is said to be dedicated to TayTay's ex John Mayer, “Style” and “Out of the Woods” are said to have been inspired by the former One Direction star Harry Styles and Taylor's current beau, actor Joe Alwyn, also gets the one or Another song from: "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want" is said to have been written by Taylor Swift for and about the sweet Brit.