What is admission without a degree

Access and admission to the course

Studying without a high school diploma

You can study in Germany even without a university entrance qualification. The concrete Admission requirementsdiffer depending on the federal state and even depending on the university. Often you can only apply for courses in the area in which you have already gained professional experience.

Basically there are the following Access routes:

Who one further education has made you a master craftsman, a technician or a business administrator can study any subject at a university.

Who one Vocational training completed and Several years experience is often allowed to study within his or her professional field. Here, too, there are different regulations depending on the federal state. A Aptitude test be passed.

Who one special talent can provide evidence for a course of study, may also study without professional qualifications. In some cases, however, a trial course must be successfully completed.

Because the Requirements for studying without a high school diploma are different in each state, there is one own online portal on which you can find out more: Studying without a high school diploma.