Is there a Titan customer support service?

Traveled as a couple in June 2017 for 2 weeks

Titan Select once and never again

Hotel is very old, plaster in the lobby falls from the ceiling, dirty, unfriendly, there are 2 elevators of which at least one was constantly broken, never again

Incredibly bad beach, many sharp-edged rocks in the water near the shore. Far too few loungers and you can only get them if you lubricate the staff plus one euro every day for the cushions, because that is not included. Toilets on the beach are unreasonable

Zero suns would be best, rooms and beds are just ready and should be closed! When asked, came: let's make it safe in winter.
Dirty rooms, mold, damage everywhere

When I asked the staff, they almost always said "don't understand anything", they only helped if one complained to the travel agent

Food was great, the waiters top notch

Sports & entertainment 1.0
Which leisure activities? There simply weren't any !! No animation, just nothing. Excursions can be booked for expensive

Value for money: Very bad
Information about the trip
Traveled as:Pair
Children:No children
Duration:2 weeks in June 2017
Reason for travel:Beach
Info about the evaluator
First name:Sven Wittnebel