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At first I thought my daughter should apply for a bachelor's degree in Greece, but then I found a good option for her in Germany!
I am well acquainted with the universities in Spain but wanted to do my PhD in another country. On the site, I discovered a great opportunity to do so in South America. Really a useful resource.
I didn't expect that there would be so many universities where you can study as a programmer in English. There are even free programs!
I am currently looking for the right university for my son. I heard about many universities here for the first time.
I researched opportunities regarding a Masters Degree in Pharmacology and discovered many unexpected but interesting opportunities.
I first wanted to study in my home country Cameroon, but then discovered a prestigious university in neighboring Nigeria and decided to do it.
I was looking for a laboratory to do my research in, but there were no vacancies in the facilities I knew. On this page I found a few more options and can now finally begin to research.
I have compiled a list of universities that offer my specialty, sent a cover letter to each and finally received admission to one of them!

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