The download speed depends on the bandwidth of the website

Increase download speed

For all 1 & 1 DSL routers on a 1 & 1 DSL connection

You can do something about unusually slow downloads.

How fast something can be downloaded does not only depend on the bandwidth of your DSL connection. Find out if other reasons are relevant.

After each step, test whether the download speed has increased.

Open the user interface of your 1 & 1 DSL router. To do this, enter in the address line of your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or similar) a.
Alternatively, you can also use the IP address or enter the IP address you have assigned.
If you have protected the user interface with a password, enter this now.

If you have problems, the article User interface of the 1 & 1 DSL router cannot be called up.
Access to the user interface
On the start page you can see the current speed on your DSL connection. Take countermeasures if the bandwidth displayed in the 1 & 1 DSL router is too low.
DSL bandwidth on the home page
Disconnect your 1 & 1 DSL router from the power and the telephone socket. Reconnect it after 20 seconds and wait about 2 minutes for the device to restart.
Check whether other programs or devices are currently downloading something. If there are several devices in your home network, they share the available bandwidth for updates, streams or cloud services among themselves - this can lead to a bottleneck.
Internet access - many devices
If you are connected to your 1 & 1 DSL router via WLAN, you can alternatively use a network cable. If the speed improves significantly, there is a problem with your WLAN. Optimize the WiFi connection using the 1 & 1 Control Center app.
Optimize WiFi with the 1 & 1 Control Center app
Change the device to download, for example to exclude incorrect settings on the original device.

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