What is cloud marketing

Cloud computing

In cloud computing, information technology functions are made accessible to a network with the help of the Internet. Jointly rented servers form a cloud in which the data is managed and enable simultaneous access to the outsourced amount of data, software or technology. For example, several people from all over the world can work on the same file at the same time. The cloud does not physically exist - it is simulated and can therefore be changed at any time without affecting performance. Strongly fluctuating demand means that the maximum demand must be expected at all times and thus causes constant costs for the provision of data volumes. Cloud computing provides server capacity and performance as required and saves potential unused capacity. This dynamic infrastructure is also of interest to online marketers because statistics can be generated in real time and users have continuous access to the cloud. The simultaneous use of several devices by the user creates more access points and the conditions for better targeting. In the early days of the cloud computing model, security concerns arose with regard to the stability and protection of the cloud, which have since been largely dispelled.