What can FOMO do?

FOMO - How do you overcome the fear of missing out?

The fear of missing out, is not a rare phenomenon. More and more people are afraid of missing important social opportunities - because it could be THE moment of their life. Where does the constant fear of missing out on something come from?

Be it at parties, dates or careers: We live in the constant fear that something better might come around the next corner or at the next event. It is anger at our own absence, fear of making the wrong decision, and fear of social exclusion and missed opportunities. This fear is also known as "FOMO"(English: Fear of missing out), what as"Fear of missing out”Can be translated.

The problem is that the fear of missing out makes us restless inside. Often we chase after the next promising date even though our evening is already planned. Anyway, let's do both. The same thing can happen in professional life: We try to keep warm on all projects or job opportunities so as not to miss a career springboard here either.

The restlessness overcomes us, we cannot concentrate on the moment because we are already in our heads at the next event. One becomes dissatisfied with the here and now and concentrates on what is missing in life instead of being present in the moment we are in.

How can we get rid of fear and be satisfied again with what we have?

Overcoming FOMO - What Can You Do About Fear?

How nice would it be to get rid of the fear of missing out on something and be present in the moment without chasing the next big opportunity? With these tips you can overcome the fear of missing something and finally go through life more calmly:

1. Stay at home sometimes

Surely you also feel like lying on the couch with your laptop on your lap and your left hand in the bag of chips? Then do it! Don't shift the focus on what you don't have and could miss, but on yourself. Relaxation and decelerating play an important role when it comes to focusing on yourself and being satisfied in the here and now.

2. Stop comparing yourself

The main way to get FOMO symptoms under control is to stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that social media reflects people the way they want to be seen. It is not the person who really is. Or have you already seen the influencer who posts the pictures of himself in sweatpants on the couch? Or a picture of how he * she is looking for the latest season while eating? The truth is: nobody is perfect. We can stop comparing ourselves because it just makes us unhappy. It would be more advisable to go to the gym yourself, cook great dishes yourself, maybe throw a nice party or realize long-cherished wishes - feels good, doesn't it?

3. Put social media aside

Every Instagram picture we scroll past feels like a knife stab: We missed this and that party, we weren't invited to the wedding and on the same evening as dinner we were at Grandma’s 80th birthday. All we can think of is the fun we missed. Even if we had a great event ourselves, the other's was definitely better. Stop! Take a break from social media. It puts you under unnecessary pressure and increases your FOMO.

4. How about single tasking?

Often we think that we can perfect the ability to get things done at the same time. We think that if we plan professionally, we can do things perfectly at the same time. This is not the case: in psychological experiments it was found that when we are doing different tasks at the same time, we do not pay our 100% attention to any of these tasks. There was a higher error rate and we didn't notice everything, even with pleasant tasks. Therefore, do not try to take advantage of every offer and every opportunity, because your attention cannot be divided.

5. What are your goals?

Often times, people who are afraid of missing out feel a weak variant of disorientation. They get drifted and neglect the goals they have in life. It can help to clearly state and write down your goals. What do you want to achieve? This week, this month, this year? And what are you doing to achieve these goals? Isn't it one of the nicest rejections when the reason for it is a goal in life?

6. Do you like playing host?

An easy way to get rid of the fear of missing out is to simply invite everyone - or at least the people you care about. Throw a party, invite you to a picnic in the park or cook for your friends. Having them all around you will help you realize that the most beautiful moment is in the here and now.

7. FOMO becomes JOMO

Out FOMO, the fear of missing out, the fun of missing out, in short JOMO (Joy of missing out). How? Become aware of your own desires and hopes. Focus on yourself instead of being distracted by parties, dates, and other noisy and hectic dates. And sometimes saying no is part of this when it comes to finding your own center. It can be really fun to be alone and satisfied with yourself and also to just miss something.

To overcome FOMO it is important to be in the here and now and to accept what is. Selfapy has developed a mindfulness course that helps you actively reduce stress and inner restlessness. The mindfulness course bears the seal of approval from the Central Prevention Testing Center and is therefore reimbursed 80-100% by most statutory health insurances. Many private health insurance companies also cover the course fee.