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115 great your mother jokes for every occasion (+ top 10)

If your friends love flat jokes, your mom jokes are for you. Make them laugh with some classics and surprise them with new jokes that they are guaranteed not to know yet. These 115 your mother jokes are so dull they can only be laughed at.

Your-mother-jokes - an international phenomenon

Your mother jokes all over the world

There is no denying it: in most countries, insulting one's mother by someone else is seen as the strongest insult. One study found that 66 of the 103 languages ​​had the most offensive sayings directed at mothers. There were only sayings in 20 languages ​​that offend fathers.

Usually, insults against someone else's mother are used by men to insult or make fun of other men. The reaction that is evoked is intended to reveal the relationship to femininity. It is therefore considered 'weak' if you allow yourself to be provoked by your mother's sayings. The aim of these insults is usually to prove in a kind of duel who has the longer breath. It's a battle that not only requires creativity, but also enough self-confidence to ignore the jokes about your mother.

It's not uncommon for your mother jokes to be told just like that without anyone feeling personally offended. They became an abstract phenomenon, a kind of running gag, which even today mainly affects the humor of boys and men.

Your mother's jokes also have a story

Incredible but true: the first your mother saying is over 3,500 years old. It was discovered in 1976 on an ancient Babylonian tablet dating from 1500 BC. It was translated: “... your mother is with him who has sexual intercourse with her. What / who is it? ”From today's point of view, probably not the best your mother joke and probably also heavily modified by the translation, but you clearly understand what is meant.

In the Bible and in Shakespeare there are also sayings that are directed against mothers. Meeting a man deeply has always been about insulting his mother. The game "The Dozens", which originated during the Harlem Renaissance, is a little better known today. It's particularly popular with African American social groups and has spread to the rap landscape. In principle, this game is a kind of exchange of blows, a battle in which the focus is on how fat, ugly or stupid the opponent's mother is.

From 2006 to 2007 MTV even ran the show "Yo Momma", which was mainly about exchanging your mother jokes in the most creative and funny way possible. German comedians like Carolin Kebekus also adopt this type of joke (e.g. "Your mother is Darth Vader's father, is absolutely blind and says see you later.") And of course the popular slogans are also used for advertising purposes. For example, Lieferheld advertised with the slogan: "Your mother orders pizza - online or via the app."

115 your mother jokes in 4 categories

115 your mother jokes in 4 categories

Your-mother / mudder / mudda jokes - everyone knows them, many detest them, but also many love them. Your-mother-jokes are one of the well-known flat jokes. They have a rather dull sense of humor and should only be told to friends you know really well. If you can think of someone who likes dull jokes as much as you do, you can make them laugh regularly with the funny sayings. Send the jokes on WhatsApp or Facebook or tell them personally and see who knows most of them.

Top 10 your-mother-jokes

Many of the jokes about mothers are harsh and push some to the limit of humor. So that nobody reacts to your jokes with "Okay, that goes too far", but can laugh heartily, we have our top 10 for you below. Those your mother jokes are still blunt, but not quite as harsh as some others. You can find more laughing jokes here.

  1. Your mother works at IKEA as lowest drawer.
  2. Your father calls your mother “you-know-who”.
  3. Your mother pours Actimel on the computer to protect it against viruses.
  4. Your mother applied to be Santa Claus at Coca Cola.
  5. Your mother is fighting with ducks in the park for the last crumbs of bread.
  6. Google Earth called, your mother is in the picture.
  7. If your mother sneezes, everyone knows what Tokio Hotel was singing about.
  8. Your mother thinks sustainably and drinks the leftovers from the bottles at the deposit machine.
  9. The only one who still laughs at your mother jokes is your father.
  10. Your mother pulls catapults to Gondor.

Inside your mother jokes

Insiders are still funnier to the initiated than normal jokes that everyone can understand. There is the small bonus of prior knowledge that only appeals to a certain group. The smaller the circle, the funnier the joke. The following your mother jokes can only be understood if you are one of the initiated. The context of some jokes is almost part of general knowledge, some relates to generations and some only to a very specific audience. Topics can include series, celebrities, games, politics or advertising. Your friends are guaranteed to laugh when they know the context. Here you can find more guaranteed funny jokes.

  1. Your mother owes Peter Zwegat.
  2. Your mom is the bullet in Indiana Jones.
  3. Your mother ate a whole pack of Knoppers at nine o'clock.
  4. Your mother walks left on Super Mario.
  5. Popeye is spinach to get strong. Your mother eats everything and doesn't stop there.
  6. Your mother is so fat, the magic spell “Wingardium Leviosa” doesn't work for her.
  7. Your mother waits less than 5 minutes for the 5-minute terrine to be ready. She pours the powder into her mouth and rinses with boiling water.
  8. When your mother orders a happy meal, she starts crying.
  9. Your mother applied to the Wollnys.
  10. Your mother uses the telephone joker to get food delivered.
  11. Your mom can't save her profile picture on Facebook - the file is too big.
  12. When the Night King saw your mother, he turned around and never came back.
  13. Your mother works as a carpet for Chuck-Norris.
  14. Your mother writes to strangers at Knuddels.
  15. The train is late because your mother is in the way. The announcement reads: "Children playing on the tracks" so as not to cause mass panic. The platoon leader is now in therapy.
  16. Your mother is like the Weimar Republic. Your condition could be better.
  17. Your mom is round even in Minecraft.
  18. McDonalds called and your mom was stuck in the slide.
  19. Your mother plays along in the middle of life.
  20. Your mother steals free socks from Deichmann.
  21. When your mom steps on the scales, she'll see her phone number.
  22. Your mother uses her iPhone as a hammer.
  23. Your mother is in love with Hodor.
  24. With the yoghurt, your mother tips the big corner into the small one.
  25. Your mother is in love with Chewbacca. She never thought she would find someone just as hairy.
  26. Your mother crashes more often than Windows.
  27. Your mother writes the lyrics for Scooter.
  28. Your mom grates coconuts at Bounty.
  29. Your mother takes passport photos with Google Earth.
  30. Your mother works at Weightwatchers as a before picture.

The classics of your mother's jokes

The classics of your mother's jokes

Here you will find, among other things, classic sayings such as "Your mother is so stupid ..." or "Your mother is so ugly ...". These types of sayings are very similar to the "The Dozens" game of the American Harlem renaissance, which was instrumental in spreading the your mother jokes. In the meantime, however, there are also many your-mother jokes that are formulated like normal jokes and no longer emphasize in the first part of the sentence what the mother is in order to then explain why it is she. Either way, you are sure to find something here that hits your humor. If you like the classic your mother jokes, these Chuck Norris jokes are sure to be for you too.

  1. Your mother loves her dog. He's the only one who says WAU when he sees her.
  2. Your mother runs barefoot so that no one can blame her.
  3. It's not the moon. This is your mother in the sky, who's been sitting there since Chuck-Norris gave her a roundhouse kick.
  4. Your mother works as a shadow on the beach.
  5. Your mother is pounding grapes for Tetrapack wine.
  6. The Dead Sea used to be called the Lake of Life - until your mother went swimming in it.
  7. Your mother runs after the ice cream truck and forgot her money.
  8. Your mother works on the construction site as a counterweight for the crane.
  9. If your mother is on the beach, Greenpeace will come and roll her back into the sea.
  10. Your mother boils water according to a recipe.
  11. Your mother eats raw onions.
  12. Your mother only loves you because of child support. She uses it to buy her monthly mayo ration.
  13. Your mother is wanted by 30 big game hunters.
  14. Your mother's belt is the equator.
  15. Your mother is the foghorn on a cruise ship.
  16. Your mother asks McDonalds about the wine list.
  17. Your mother's name is Ottfried and is the bull from Tölz.
  18. When your mother goes dancing, the term waltz takes on a whole new meaning.
  19. Your mother uses marker pen to make up.
  20. Your mother works in the lot as a rivet.
  21. Your mom is so fat when she's at McDonald's she'll be asked what she doesn't want to order.
  22. If your mother sleeps on her stomach, she gets scared of heights.
  23. Your mom is the only one who still laughs at your mom jokes.
  24. Your mother's name is Herbert and she's the strongest in jail.
  25. If your mom goes to a movie from 18, she brings 17 friends.
  26. Your mom eats pumpkin yogurt with whole fruits.
  27. Your mother's name is Dieter and she's the hairiest in the zoo.
  28. Your mother is so stupid, she laughs at the ugly woman in the mirror.
  29. When your mother walks past my house, it will be dark for three days.
  30. Your mother owes "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".
  31. Back then, your mother found out that you could eat mold cheese.
  32. Your mother is so fat, her application photo spans three pages.
  33. When your mom jumps in the pool, the pool will be empty.
  34. Your mother is so ugly, your father takes her to work so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.
  35. Your mother was kidnapped by aliens. They brought her back after five minutes.
  36. When your mother cuts onions, the onions will cry.
  37. Your mother sits in the garbage can and sings "It's my life".
  38. Your mother fills the shopping cart in the Aldi, runs to the cash register and says: "To eat here".
  39. Your mother works on a fishing cutter - as a smell.
  40. Your mom is so fat she has to iron her pants in the street.
  41. If the vulture dies, your mother will be the ugliest bird in the world.
  42. Your mother is so stupid, she's standing in front of the escalator and counting the stairs.
  43. Your mom is so fat she beeps when she walks backwards.
  44. If your mother puts on a yellow coat, people will run after her and shout “Taxi!”.
  45. Your mom is so fat when I stood across from her and turned around, she was still there.
  46. Your mother gets a group discount in the cinema.
  47. Your mom watches bread-cutting tutorials on YouTube.
  48. The Titanic didn't hit an iceberg, it was your mother.
  49. Your mom goes on five diets because otherwise she won't get full.
  50. Your mother is sitting at the bus stop and drinks ketchup from the bottle.
  51. Your mother has her own zip code.
  52. If your mother strips, she gets a lot of money - for getting dressed again quickly.
  53. Your mother orders "All you can Eat" twice.
  54. Your mother works in the navy - as a landing pad for helicopters.
  55. The doctor recommended exercise to your mother, so she's now watching the European Football Championship.
  56. Your mother stands in front of a glass door and looks through the keyhole.
  57. Your mother sits down in a bathtub full of Fanta so she can wave from a soda.
  58. Your mom has a ladder in her jeans.
  59. Your mother puts on sunglasses while playing online poker.
  60. Your mother gets an entry in the class register at parents' evening.
  61. Your mother wore a burger king crown to her wedding.
  62. Your mom puts on flip flops with a shoehorn.
  63. Your mother will grow a three-day beard - in 12 hours.
  64. Your mother throws a stone on the ground and doesn't hit.
  65. Your mother collects leaves for a puff pastry.

Joke questions about "your mother"

Joke questions about "your mother"

The following jokes are joke questions. That means they consist of a question and an unexpected answer. Your-mother-joke questions can also be funny for those who otherwise don't like your-mother-jokes. They are not only funny because of their subject matter, but also have a lot of funny potential because of the surprising answer.

Similar to word games, the reader or listener thinks for a moment, only to be surprised with the punch line of the joke. For example, just write your friend the question on WhatsApp and wait to see if he gets the answer himself. If he asks you to break up your joke, he's guaranteed to laugh.

  1. What is 200 km / h and rolls on the highway? - Your mother with McDonalds vouchers.
  2. What does your mother say when asked what half of six is? - Half past five.
  3. Why is your mother happy about a puzzle she finished in 4 months? - Because the package says 3-4 years.
  4. What's the difference between milk and your mother? - The milk is also available in low-fat form.
  5. Why does your mother say she is vegan? - So that it at least belongs somewhere.
  6. How does your mother scare off her balls? - With her face.
  7. Why does the tree fall when your mother leans on it? - The wiser gives in.
  8. How do you make God cry? - Show him your mother.
  9. Why does your mother throw bread in the toilet? - She wants to feed the toilet duck.
  10. How does your mother secretly earn her money? - It works as a bouncy castle on children's birthday parties.
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