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Since the beginning of our history there have been sensitives, seers and shamans who are endowed with a special gift - they can look into the other, wider spheres of being. Scientists who research the borderline areas of reality have also found access to communicate with the deceased and invisible beings in other planes of existence and dimensions. Experts and sensitive people report on the possibilities of communication with other levels and on the phenomena of augmented reality. In this book we take you on a journey into the unknown. Find out how everything is connected with everything and what it is about the world between ghosts and the near-death experiences of Anke Evertz and Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup is all about. The physicist and psychologist Hans-Otto König gives insights into his almost fifty years of basic research in dialogue with the spiritual world. Dieter Broers explains the changes that he believes are about to take place in our reality. The medium Kai Mügge gives you comprehensive information on the mystery of a séance, in which the physical limits of reality are visibly expanded and phenomena and materializations occur in space that go beyond the known laws of physics. The South American shaman Agustin Orea reports on his gift to read the aura of humans and on his access to the information field in the invisible planes. A unique and fantastic book that will positively change your worldview and show you that our reality is only a narrow excerpt from a much larger reality.

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