How do we calculate the BTR

Risk assessment

The Occupational Safety and Health Act - ArbSchG - obliges all employers to assess the risks to employees at work, to derive and implement measures if necessary, and to document the result. This makes it possible to determine which occupational safety measures are required. If the risk assessment is integrated into the organization of the company, it helps to optimize the operational processes and to motivate the employees.

When creating risk assessments for installers and maintenance staff of smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), many entrepreneurs quickly reach their limits. BTR-Service-Center had a universal risk assessment professionally drawn up. You can use this in full for your UVV documentation. All work involved in setting up and maintaining RWA systems is dealt with in detail. If you wish, send us your company logo. We enter this into the 41 pages of the risk assessment. This means that the documentation is personalized for your company. All you have to do is give your approval on the last page with your signature. The requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act on the subject of risk assessment are thus met.

Simply send us the completed form below with your company logo attached as an image file. In a short time you will receive the personalized risk assessment as a PDF file. We charge you 10 euros per page. (41 pages = 410, - Euro plus VAT).