Which artist originally sang wild horses?


Postage stamps

Star designer
in Hechthausen

Jochen Bertholdt in the Hechthausen post office

4. 1. 2008. Always happy to be a guest at the Berthof in Kleinwörden is - for the 34th time - the renowned Rostock graphic designer Jochen Bertholdt (Website). At the beginning of the year, the artist visited the Hechthausener post office of Uwe Patjens - for a special reason: On the first day of sale of a Tangermünde special stamp designed by Bertholdt, the 136th postage stamp (!) from his studio, he wanted to have his latest work postmarked from his "second home" Hechthausen, where brother Gerd runs the "smallest collotype in the world".

Suspension ferry brand by Jochen Bertholdt

Bertholdt would probably also like a special stamp for the Centenarians of the transporter bridge designed by the Ostener Fördergesellschaft, the AG Osteland, the world suspension ferry association, the member of the Bundestag Dr. Margrit Wetzel and many other advocates. Because the Oste friend from Rostock has a weakness for technical buildings. That is also from him Post special stamp with high bridge including transporter bridge between Rendsburg and Osterrönfeld.

But the responsible advisory board in the Ministry of Finance decided on other motives for 2009. That's a shame, because Spain and France have dedicated their own brands to their suspension ferries.

East must be in Year of the oste content with a special postmark, the draft of which has already been approved (see above). Those who were really quick could secure a limited edition, personalized stamp from the Austrian Post with the Ostener Ferry for their scrapbook two years ago.


Paper boats too
from Kleinwörden

Paper boat test at the Berthof

31. 12. 2008. Not only school children from the Oste communities have in December Paper boats tinkered to welcome the "year of the oste" with an art event (more). Also Gerd and Gisela Bertholdt from Berthof in Kleinwörden were busy, as their photo from a "test drive" proves ...

European carriage

New calendar
from Hechthausen

European Carriage Calendar 2009

4. 12. 2008. Again, the Osteland culture award winners Christine and Jürgen Reimer 13 expressive pictures of your beautiful team put together. The Europa carriage at the Floating over the oste, at the Elbstrandrennen on Krautsand, on the way in the Börde Lamstedt, but also wonderful moments from the journey through six European countries are included in the large-format calendar "Europa-Kutsche 2009" (35 x 50 centimeters!), which is available in numerous bookstores, but also in the Direct purchase is available (Europa-Kutsche, Postfach 1120, 21753 Hechthausen, Tel. 04774-360812 or by E-mail.


The Reimers are leaving
on a lecture tour

The Elbe book with the Reimer chapter

17. 11. 2008. The Hechthausen travel journalists couple Jürgen and Christine Reimer has seen the Elbe, Ireland and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by bike and half of Europe high up from the yellow car. The Reimers report on their travels on a lecture tour, the dates of which are available at www.dia-reportagen.de stand.

One is new Reimer DVD "The Elbe - From the source to the sea" ("Elbe show for at home, on TV or on the PC"), price per item EUR 19.90 (shipping in Germany plus postage EUR 3.00). The was published in a new edition Bicycle guide "Elberadweg". From the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to Cuxhaven, this book describes the cycle path along one of the most fascinating rivers in Europe (14.95 euros). Also for the book "We discover the Elbe", edited by the songwriter Rolf Zuckowski, the Reimers have contributed a chapter (24.90 euros).


Collotype as
Unesco heritage?

Kleinwörden collotype printer Bertholdt

3. 3. 2008. The process is expensive and time consuming. We are talking about the art of collotype printing. A Leipzig initiative wants the dying craft on the Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage to be protected let sit. From around 2,000 collotype printing plants around the world there are now only four - in Leipzig, Hechthausen, Kyoto and Florence. The technology, which is around 130 years old, enables an original to be reproduced. The two printers working in Leipzig will soon be retiring, and collotype printing has not existed as an apprenticeship for several decades. Preserved in Hechthausen-Kleinwörden Gerd Bertholdt from "Berthof" the endangered craft in his "smallest collotype in the world".


The king and the
Bone mill

Wheels of a doomed man (contemporary representation)

28. 12. 2007. In dusty archives, but also with a spade and metal probe, the archaeologist from Stade has Dietrich Alsdorf for one History thriller researched in the style of the mega bestsellers "Tannöd" and "Kalteis". Subject of his debut novel "Anna from Blumenthal": the spectacular father and husband murder committed in 1833 and its bloody punishment after a gruesome ritual.

For ostemarsch.de Has Jochen Bölsche (East) read the Alsdorf book and familiarize yourself with the medieval criminal justice in Osteland which included the "shameful dragging" and "wheeling" of the delinquent.

His detailed account of the book is available here.

Culture area

Horst Schroth
in Hechthausen

Cabaret artist Horst Schroth

2. 11. 2008. At the end of the cultural year there is the Hechthausen culture area to laugh again. The cabaret artist Horst Schroth guest on Saturday, November 22nd, 8 p.m., with his program "When women ask ..." in the Ostekrone. Tickets for the event are available at pre sales at Elektro-Patjens and the Golsch restaurant in Hechthausen, at Segelken TV-Service in Lamstedt and in the Flaig bookstore in Hemmoor. More about Schroth and the program here.


The Jews in
the Ostestadt

Sandbostel: Memorial Day exhibition

8. 11. 2008. The Documentation and memorial site Camp Sandbostel takes the November 9th, the 70th anniversary of the November pogrom, to celebrate with a Special exhibition to the beginning of the open Persecution of the Jews also in the eastern city of Bremervörde to remember. The exhibition "Jews in Bremervörde" is based on a brochure that was developed in 2005 at the Bremervörde grammar school.

At the Sunday 9 November at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. the camp site at Sandbostel can also be explored on public tours. Among other things, the visitors are accompanied by the educational director Burkhard Rexin. The permanent exhibition on the history of the prisoner-of-war and concentration camp reception camp is open from 12.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. The meeting point is the documentation center in Greftstraße 5.


Irish folk in
the oste crown

Coming soon to the Oste: "Friends in Music"

21. 8. 2008. At the September 6, 8 p.m., guest at Hechthausen culture area in the Oste crown once again the "Friends in Music". "Irish Folk and More" is the name of the program, which mainly comprises traditional pieces of Irish and Scottish origin, which the musicians have revised in their own interpretation. There are tickets, like press officers Uwe Dubbert notifies, im pre sales Reduced at Elektro-Patjens and in the Golsch restaurant in Hechthausen as well as in the Flaig bookstore in Hemmoor and at Segelken TV-Service in Lamstedt for 7 euros (box office 8 euros). More at Hechthausen culture area.


"The Style Bandits"
steal everywhere

The "Style Bandits" come to Estorf

20. 5. 2008. Jan Kobrzinowski and Roland T. Prakken are called "The Style Bandits" - maybe because they steal everywhere: Even Breton-Celtic, Norwegian and Finnish melodies are not safe from them

At the Friday, May 30th, 8 p.m., the "Style Bandits" come at the invitation of friends and supporters of Estorf Primary School e.V. in the school auditorium (admission 8 euros, reduced 6 euros, ticket reservation on tel. 04140-8240).

Unusual instrumentation and unusual arrangements have always been a hallmark of the group. After working intensively with ethnic music on the one and jazz or improvised music on the other hand, it made sense to link these poles with one another.

Own compositions as well as traditional melodies from the Celtic culture, but also from Norway and Finland, form the basis for the new program. The two multi-instrumentalists playfully turn an ancient Breton melody into one jazzy improvisation on the other hand, they also take on a Miles Davis title to transform it into a filigree New Acoustic miniature.

Kobrzinowski and Prakken love the small and very small cast with all the challenges. In this duo formation, the listener can hear nuances and let the imagination run wild.


Cultural festival with
String jump

Trio string jump - VIDEO HERE

25. 4. 2008. A Premiere for Bremervörde simultaneously one of the most atmospheric festivals in Osteland takes place onWhit Monday, May 12th, from 10 a.m. (Church service) in and at the Bachmann Museum, including in the Schloßpark. At the first culture festival of Culture and home district takes care of one in the morning Jazz band for groovy to nostalgic good mood music. That will be in the afternoon Salon trio Saitensprung Presenting Viennese coffee house music.

Chair of the cultural group Morgenstern

In addition, the bookseller's Susanne Morgenstern Managed, very active Bremervörde culture and homeland district with information about its activities: Arthothek, Art on the Oste with an exhibition of Piotr Sonnewend (until May 12th), the art group with a presentation of own pictures, the working group city history with historical photos as well De Plattdüütsche Kring with readings. A rich culinary offer is provided. More on the Association website.


The carriage show
now also on DVD

9. 5. 2008. A DVD on the record journey of the Europa carriagefrom Hechthausen reports on the adventures of the Osteland ambassadors Christine and Jürgen Reimer with their four horses over 6,000 kilometers through Europe. Thousands got into the live events "Europa-Kutsche - the show" seen and loved it. Now the entire journey can be relived through happy, exciting and sometimes bitter stories - thanks to the DVD with around 1,000 recordings, playable on DVD players for television and on any PC. A good two hours of entertainment await the audience. The DVD can be ordered under Tel. 04774-360812 or by e-mail.


Standing ovations
for comedy duo

A skeleton in the town hall of Neddelhastedtfeld

20. 4. 2008. As cool civil servants, they are now well known to Germany's radio listeners. The visitors to the live performance of Baumann and Clausen experience on Saturday in Hechthausen's Ostekrone. The enthusiastic audience said goodbye to the two comedy stars with standing ovations, who after their second encore joined the audience singing and saying goodbye to their fans with a last rousing song.

With the autograph hour that followed, they finally concluded an event that will remain unforgettable in Hechthausen for a long time.

As soon as they step onto the stage set up as a civil servants' office, they are greeted with intense applause from the audience. Baumann and Clausen are no strangers to Hechthausen, the audience immediately comes out as knowledgeable. The town hall of Neddelhastedtfeld, the place that came into being in 630 AD when a Roman settler named Romulus Clausen got lost on a crusade in the wilderness, is well known in Hechthausen's well-visited Ostekrone.

As expected, the actors skilfully pull out all the stops of their humorous abilities - live and spontaneously, so that they themselves clearly enjoy it and sometimes - unintentionally - make each other laugh. It's nice that they don't even try to hide the fun: "How am I supposed to be serious?" it bursts at one point Baumann alias Jens Lehrich out. "I can!" is the dry answer from Senior Administrator Clausen alias Frank Bremser.

Lay investigators Baumann & Clausen

Yes, this Oberamtsrat has a lot behind the ears. Nasal and bold, that one is speechless about so much stubbornness, he shows off his officially neat idleness in a quick-witted manner. So he takes from studying during working hours Niederelbe newspaper an alleged scandal of the building authority in Stade that a building application had not been processed for 20 years, and does not understand what is supposed to be a scandal about it. Bored, he takes note of a letter addressed to the office and comments: "I would get so many letters here if I would open them all ..."

Passport office Fuzzi Baumann, colleague and personified guilty conscience, can only briefly remind him of his official duties. Ultimately, Baumann doesn't really want that, he is only too happy to play his "bingo" when asked about their favorite occupation in office, the "Käffchen", with which both have become the most popular civil servants in Germany and are now Four million listeners to ten radio stations every day make you laugh.

On Saturday the official's coffee steamed in Hechthausen with mockery and mockery of unloved "applicants" in the building department, who only interfere with coffee. What wonder if these are referred to as "foot blower" � and "roll-over-the-sink slicer". Clausen is very relieved when no one in the audience answers his question about possible applicants: "I like you very much!"

The audience took in the unexpectedly interspersed musical interludes with great enthusiasm. Clausen performed musically demanding interludes while singing with a voice that was definitely worth listening to. Whether he is sitting with a transfigured look on the floor of the stage bathed in red light Reinhard Meys Melody "Above the clouds" the text "Under the desk I like to be all alone with myself!" mischievously intoned or Volker Lechtenbrinks "I like ..." with his own text ("I like Hans-Werner, � when he ignores work, copies private processes �"). He hit exactly the musical nerve of the audience.

After finding a dead person in the filing cabinet, who in the end turned out to be von Clausen's grandfather forgotten plastic skeleton emerged from the ghost train, the two model officers take on the investigation. The fact that one cannot agree on who is the "investigating leader" or the "leader of the investigation" leads to both of them interrogating each other with the lie detector "Münchhausen TX 2000". But this soon gives up - when Clausen is asked about corruption - before an answer with a loud roar of his ghost.

Even the camera search for suspects in the audience with a video image broadcast on the big screen is unsuccessful, especially since the two investigators are mutually alibi witnesses. At the supposed time of the crime, both were busy shredding unanswered building applications. Desperate, it finally calls out from Clausen: "I am an Oberamtsrat - get me out of here!" After finding a 30-year-old letter on a corner of Clausen's desk that has not been used, everything clears up and the two can return to their little coffee shop.

With the finale, the two comedians set a high point: They went singing into the audience, which no longer sat in their chairs and enthusiastically followed up to the groovy final sounds.

As Artists you can touch without any airs Jens Lehrich and Frank Bremser emerged, who patiently gave autographs and each of the books they signed with the stamp "Rejected!" provided. After the enthusiastic reception of the artists and the résumé of the organizing culture group, this certainly does not apply to another appearance by the super officials in Hechthausen.
Uwe Dubbert

The series "Baumann & Clausen", broadcast by Radio Schleswig-Holstein, is one of the most popular radio comedy series in Germany. Over the past ten years, well over 3,000 episodes of the popular radio series have been broadcast to around four million listeners every weekday.


It works
like Anno 1311

The throwing thrower replica in Beckdorf

20. 4. 2008. The Beckdorfer Blide is working! On Saturday turned on for television Test throwing hosted. The heavy chunks flew 150 meters and struck half a meter into the earth - just like in Anno 1311. - The Blide is, as reported, a 1: 1 replica of one of the military equipment that the Dannseeburg des Robber barons "Isern Hinnerk" was destroyed (see below).

The holes are half a meter deep

This is how the image is loaded ...

... and so it is stretched.

The Blide will be on
Inaugurated May 24th

Hot off the press: poster for the medieval festival in May

16. 4. 2008. The story comes alive: In Beckdorf (Kreis Stade) is a fully functional Slingshot on a scale of 1: 1 - one for the Elbe-Weser area unique tourist attraction - before completion. The so-called copied by volunteers Blide was used to build the Beckdorfer Moorburg of the legendary oste robber barons "Isern Hinnerk" to destroy.

Beckdorf 1: 1 replica of a slingshot

The Blide is to be inaugurated with a Medieval festival at Heimathof Beeckhoff in Beckdorf on 24./25. May, that from the club "Die Kranzbinder" (website) is organized.

More about Beckdorf and the Blide in this one report (PDF) about the excursion "Oste - river of the castles", during which the AG Osteland Last year went on the trail of the robber barons, whose life and activities include the archaeologist and author from Stade Dietrich Alsdorf has explored.


Walk to the scaffold
with search for clues

Alsdorf on the excursion to the place of execution

20. 1. 2008. Gray skies and light drizzle matched the gruesome theme of the fully booked first event in a new series of Excursions in the crime scene Kehdingen-Oste: Around 40 participants visited the locations of the recently published historical novel "Anna from Blumenthal" on Sunday - including the place on the edge of Himmelpforten where the scaffold on which the young peasant woman Anna Sophie Meyer, née Spreckels, and her lover Claus were executed in 1835 for the murder of their husbands and parents. The tour was led by the archaeologist and "Anna" author from Stad Dietrich Alsdorf and the Broberger graduate geographer Corinna Kolf.

After in the Krimiland on the Oste and Elbe since the beginning of 2006 well over 50 readings took place, mostly in original locations, this year the organizers are also going on excursions with crime writers to the places that inspired them to write their works. Corinna Kolf, who is on the board of the AG Osteland and the Broberger Fährverein, and historian Alsdorf offer on March 9th, May 18th and August 10th further tours on the history thriller "Anna from Blumenthal" at.

On the occasion of the first crime thriller excursion, Alsdorf pointed out that many puzzles in connection with the execution in Himmelpforten remain unsolved, including the The whereabouts of the two-year-old daughter of the murderous couple,
Anna-Catharina. Author Alsdorf suspects that the trail leads to the east / east and therefore asks the local population for help.

Alsdorf reports that the old Himmelpfort carpenter Bierschwall, himself a witness to the execution, told the first chronicler Georg von Issendorff in Himmelpfort 100 years ago that the child allegedly had come to the orphanage in Hanover and even married well. The regional historian considers this version to be "a deliberately scattered legend in order to enable the child to have a future unencumbered by the fate of his or her parents".

A riddle about a toddler: Ostener Pastor Ruperti

Alsdorf reports that the Eastern pastor Georg Ernst Ruperti prepared the delinquents Anna and Claus for months in 1834/35 for death. At the request of the executed two days after the execution of the death sentence, Ruperti held a poignant service in front of a full house in the Ostener Kirche and a little later distributed a memorandum with the scaffold sermon, the proceeds of which he paid for the "unhappy creature" as he was the child of Anna and Claus called, certain.

Alsdorf concludes: "So Ruperti knew where the orphan was going, who was born on August 28, 1833 in Himmelpforten. Otherwise he would not have been able to pay out the money later." Therefore the questions arose: "Did Anna-Catharina grow up with foster parents in the east parish? What became of her?" The ancestral passports that had to be created in the Third Reich could provide a clue, hopes Alsdorf, who asks for information on 04141 - 542217.

In addition to the crime thriller tours and other readings with Alsdorf (on March 1st and August 9th in the "Oste-Huus", east), the archaeologist from Stad, in cooperation with Corinna Kolf, offers a Series of bus excursions on archaeological topics at, below "Place of execution on the Oste" (April 20th), "Burgen an der Oste" (July 15th), "Sites of the 2nd World War" (July 20th) and "Old cemeteries on the Oste" (September 14th).

Corinna Kolf can provide information on the events on tel. 01520-6649736.

During crime thriller tours with the Rönndeich writer Elke Loewe are in planning, the series of author readings will be continued in Kehdingen-Oste.

At the Friday, March 28th, 8 p.m., the Culturkreis Hemmoor organizes in cooperation with the working group Krimiland of AG Osteland in the Kulturdiele in Hemmoor a reading by the prominent Berlin crime writer Professor Horst Bosetzky ("-ky"). One of his stories takes place at the Hemmoorer Kreidesee.


From Africa
to Amrum

Hammaher painter Rosemarie Lubasz

9. 4. 2008. At the Sunday, April 27th, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. opens the painter Rosemarie Lubasz from Hammah a picture exhibition in "Oste-Huus" in Graepel, Wittenberg 1. After training as a nurse in the 1970s, Lubasz moved to West Africa, where she worked for two years as a development worker and also painted. The autodidact's exhibition, who also found her motifs on Amrum, is open until August 2nd on Thursdays and Fridays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., also by appointment at 04140-347. Admission is free.


Showcase for
Bernhard sapphire

Exhibition directly on the B 73

3. 4. 2008. For a few days the Hechthausen culture area in the shop window of the "molto bene" shop, formerly Schröder furniture store, an artist window with landscapes by the painter Bernhard sapphire set up as press attendant Uwe Dubbert notifies ..

The artist from Hechthausen, who died in March 2006 and found his resting place in the Hechthausen cemetery, discovered the world by drawing and painting. Many of his unique landscapes were created in the beautiful Oste landscape.

Deceased Oste painter Saphir

Saphir dedicated his long life to art. Even at the age of 93, he used every free minute to paint. Despite his old age, he opened his last exhibitions in January and February 2006 at the Kunstverein Stade with a moving welcoming speech. Under the motto he chose, "Happiness was always my companion", he exuded joie de vivre and creativity.

His estate, hundreds of masterful pen drawings, watercolors and oil paintings, he bequeathed the Hechthausen cultural area, who would like to preserve the memory of the artist with the exhibition organized by the new 1st chairperson of the Hechthausen cultural area, Martina Torborg, has been set up.

The exhibition can be opened at any time of the day until further notice Shop window on the B 73 can be visited. If you are interested in a picture, please contact Ms. Torborg, Tel. 04774 � 404.


The last show
the European coachman

Return of the coach to Hechthausen

5. 1. 2009. Probably for the last time the grandiose adventure of the European carriage is with me Christine and Jürgen Reimer To experience live in Osteland: The Oste Culture Prize winners promise two hours full of excitement, romance and adventure on Saturday, January 17th, 7.30 p.m., in Hechthausen, Landhaus Ostekrone, Marktplatz 5.

The couple went on a journey that is unique in the world with their four horses: the longest carriage ride ever. Never before has a team been on the road for so long without an escort vehicle and service team. The journey went along the old stagecoach routes through Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The live show not only abducts the audience with fantastically beautiful pictures. All ups and downs can also be felt up close. Fantastic landscapes, dreamy cities and wonderful encounters are on the way.

cards at the advance booking price at Gaststätte Golsch, Hechthausen, and Buchhandlung Flaig, Hemmoor. Tickets can also be pre-ordered at a reduced price by calling 04774-360814, remaining tickets at the box office. More under www.europa-kutsche.de.


Klezmer music
in Hechthausen

"Pojaz" comes from the district of Cuxhaven

1. 2. 2008. At the Saturday, February 9th, 8 p.m., in the Landhaus Ostekrone will the "Pojaz" group (Photo) Performing klezmer music. Pojaz, whose members come from all parts of the district of Cuxhaven, are bidding with the invitation of Hechthausen culture area with three winds, double bass and drums a wide-ranging and interesting repertoire.

Klezmer - originally the folk music of the Jewish population of Eastern Europe - is now considered to be the name of world music that was and is subject to the musical influences of many cultures and which, precisely because of this, became music that unites the world.

The Pojaz group interprets the mostly traditional melodies in their own way. Style elements from classical, jazz, rock and funk are incorporated without alienating the peculiar character of the music. Sometimes it sounds like the lure of an Arab snake charmers, sometimes like in a Bavarian beer tent, then again like outside the walls of Jericho and immediately afterwards like from the Australian bush.

The band's name comes from Yiddish and means bajazzo or jester. And this is the motto that the band will rely on in Hechthausen as well. Tickets are available at the box office for 10 euros and in pre sales for 8 euros in Hechthausen from Electronic-Partner Patjens & Mau as well as in the restaurant Golsch, in Hemmoor from druckpartner and in Lamstedt from Segelken TV Service.


The swan that
a duck was ...

Dorit Meyer-Gastell as Julie Schrader

30. 1. 2008. At the Friday, February 8th, 8 p.m., guest Dorit Meyer-Gastell with their program "Harmony is when it rhymes ..." in the Auditorium of the Estorf primary school. The Friends of the Estorf Primary School order Peter Wortmann has engaged the Hamburg actress for the second time, this time with the amorous adventures of the "poetess" Julie Schrader. - In the seventies, supposedly newly discovered works by Julie Schrader - called "the Guelph Swan" - caused a sensation. It soon turned out, however, that the lyrics were actually more recent and came from a distant relative, which does not detract from the appeal of the erotic lyrics of "The Swan That Was a Duck" ("Star").

More about Julie Schrader, that weird bird, on Wikipedia.


Stammtisch in the
Golsch restaurant

Leisure riders from the Oste and Elbe

11. 1. 2007. The Niederelbe-Oste district association founded last year Association of recreational riders and drivers (see below) meets for the information and regulars' evening on Monday, January 14th, 8 p.m., in the Restaurant Golsch, Bahnhofstrasse 40 (new location).

VFD members and interested parties meet every month. They serve to get to know each other, to enjoy and to exchange ideas. The focus of this meeting is the topic "From wild horse to riding horse ". The focus is on understanding your four-legged friends. The lecture is based on the publications of Prof. Dr. Ewald Isenbügel, Zurich Zoological Garden. The horse developed into a highly specialized living being in its anatomy, physiology and behavior over 45 million years. The economic and cultural history of humans is heavily influenced by this animal. In the Ice Age it was used as a prey and later for centuries as a war horse. The horse was indispensable in agriculture and transportation. Nowadays it has received new tasks in sports, leisure and as a co-therapist. However, the use and keeping of the horse often do not take sufficient account of the behavioral requirements that are well known today.

Horse-friendly holding and behavior, correct handling and having fun with each other are only possible if extensive knowledge is available. This should be developed together.

Members and interested parties are cordially invited to this open exchange.


Chamber music
in the church

Guests of the cultural group: Ossig and Seibold

11. 1. 2008. The culture circle year in Hechthausen begins on Saturday, January 19, 8 p.m., in St. Mary's Church with virtuoso chamber music for clarinet and guitar. With Heiko Ossig and Christian Seibold (Hamburg State Opera) two top-class musicians are again guests at the Hechthausen cultural group.

With pieces by Heinrich Neumann, Iwan Müller, Saverio Mercadante, Francisco Tárrega, Luis Bonfa and Jorge Morel, a varied and interesting program awaits the listeners in Hechthausen. Tickets are available at the box office for 11 euros and in pre sales for 9 euros in Hechthausen with Electronic-Partner Patjens & Mau, in Hemmoor with druckpartner and in Lamstedt with Segelken-TV-Service.


"Anna" reading
in the "Osteblick"

Anna cover picture (excerpt)

20. 11. 2007. The Stader district archeology employee Dietrich Alsdorf presents his novel "Anna from Blumenthal" at the December 8th, 8 pm, in Graepel in the inn "Zum Osteblick", Zum Hafen 21. The reading takes place in favor of Ferry and History Association Brobergen and Surroundings e. V. instead of.

There are cards for the reading at Corinna Kolf at 01520-6649736 or at Karin Plate at 04140-87740.

Alsdorf reading in Himmelpforten

For the first time, Alsdorf presented the novel to over 100 people interested in literature in the church of Himmelpforten on November 17th. The book (360 pages) is in the Fischerhuder Publishing studio in the farmhouse appeared and among others in the Ostener and in the Graepeler Oste-Huus available.

Detailed reports on the subject of "Anna" can be found in the Stader Tageblatt and in Hamburger Abendblatt.


Carriage show
in Hechthausen

The carriage on the Kleinwördener Berthof

6. 10. 2007. The world record tour of the European carriage is the subject of an audiovisual show with which the Oste Culture Prize winners Christine and Jürgen Reimer in October in many places in the region. Dates to choose from: Hechthausen, 14.10.07 - 6.00 p.m., Ostekrone, Marktplatz 5; Hechthausen, 27.10.07 - 8.00 p.m., Ostekrone, Marktplatz 5; east, Sun, 11/11/07 - 4:00 p.m., Festhalle, Hinter den Höfe 3. Tickets are available for the events at a reduced advance booking price of 14 euros plus a one-time shipping fee of 2 euros here can be ordered online.


Protection for old
Broberger graves

Old village cemetery in Brobergen

5. 11. 2007. In September the new Ferry and History Association Brobergen and the surrounding area, as reported, set up a Roland figure as it stood at the Broberg ferry station in the Middle Ages. Now the association is committed to the preservation and care of the probably the oldest cemetery in the Stade district a. The former Brobergen village cemetery, which is now partially hidden under trees, was probably created at the end of the 18th century.

Installation of information boards planned

A first representation exists in the original map of Brobergen from approx. 1870. It was created exclusively in the form of row graves, i.e. in the order of deaths. As a rule, tombs were not erected; they were reserved for the social upper class. It was not until 1900 that tombstones were erected, some of which are still preserved today. The Brobergen village cemetery is unique in its state of preservation in the Stade district, says Corinna Kolf (Photo), the chairman of the ferry association, and could, in its simplicity, be opened up for tourism as an example for the cemeteries of earlier times; To this end, the association wants to set up information boards at the cemetery. Corresponding discussions will take place shortly with the district archeology and the community.


Mr. Holm im
Culture area

Advertising for the Holm event

30. 10. 2007. At the Friday, November 30th, 8 p.m., has the Hechthausen culture area Another famous friend and helper is our guest: Policeman "Mr. Holm" alias Dirk Bielefeldt comes to the Ostekrone to perform his program "Mr. Holm � Silent Night". The last event of the cultural group in 2007 is the culmination of this year's program, in which the friends of cabaret will surely get their money's worth. Tickets for the event in Hechthausen are available in advance from Elektro-Patjens and the Golsch restaurant, from Segelken-TV-Service in Lamstedt and from the Center bookstore in Hemmoor.


Angel for the
Monastery garden

The exhibition in the nave

12. 10. 2007. A closing event on Sunday, October 14th, after the service at 2.30 p.m. ends the exhibition "For Heaven's Sake" by the artists Anne Greger-Mainz and Marie E. U. Schirrmacher-Meitz (Stade / Hechthausen) in the Himmelpfortener Church.

In a painting campaign, the artists would like to paint an angel picture together with the visitors to the finissage. At the same time, visitors can fortify themselves with coffee and cake in the garden. The work created in this way is to be auctioned at a later date. The proceeds from this auction will benefit the maintenance of the Himmelpforten monastery garden.

The exhibition was made possible by the support of Manfred Hölting (Hölting joinery, Burweg) and Wolfgang Hellemanns (Weinhof Burweg). The artists hope that not only the visitors but also the art sponsors will take part in the painting campaign.


Vernissage and
Crime reading

"Dusk" by Klaus Wandschneider

9. 10. 2007. In the Oste village Gräpel, located on the German ferry route, there will be a lot to experience this autumn and winter as well. After the Ferry and History Association Brobergen and Surroundings e. V. in the summer for various readings and for a Ringelnatz evening on the hand-drawn boat ferry in Graepel, the in Hechthausen living painters Klaus Wandschneider from October 21st to January 19th a selection of his North German landscape paintings in Graepler's "Oste Huus", Wittenberg 1. For the vernissage Champagne reception on October 21st, 1 p.m., no admission is charged.

Crime writer Anke Cibach an der Oste

At the November 10, 7:30 p.m., reads the author from Stade at an event organized by the Ferry and History Association Anke Cibach from her thriller "La Paloma for the murderer". Maps and further information are available at Corinna Kolf on Tel. 01520-66 49 736.


Sapphire image as
Guest gift

Handover of the linocut in Tangermünde

2. 10. 2007. An exhibition of watercolors by the painter and designer from Hechthausen Marie E. U. Schirrmacher-Meitz was recently opened in the Salt Church in Tangermünde. At the invitation of the Tangermünde Museum Association, a cycle of watercolors with the title "Pictures of Inner Light" is shown. The chairwoman of the museum association, Ingrid Berger, greeted the woman from Hechthausen, who received a picture of the late Hechthausen painter as a present Bernhard sapphire - a linocut from Tangermünde - presented. (Chapel St. Elisabeth � Salzkirche � Tangermünde, Zollensteig, daily except Mondays until October 31st).


Angel -
are there?

Exhibition to kick off the monastery days

16. 9. 2007. The prelude to the Himmelpfortener monastery days next weekend is the exhibition of the artists Marie Schirrmacher-Meitz and Anne Greger-Mainz on the subject of angels. In a second group exhibition, objects, paintings and sculptures can be seen in the St. Marien Church in Himmelpforten.

Pastor Garve from the Himmelpforten parish opens the gates of his church for the artists from Hechthausen and Stade. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 21st, at 7 p.m. in the Marienkirche in Himmelpforten on the B73. The exhibition is also the prelude to the Himmelpfortener Klostertage 2007, which begins at 6.30 p.m. with a prayer of the hours.

In Himmelpforten pictures from Hechthausen

While the artists have mainly dealt with the general worldly ideas about angels in their work, Pastor Garve will give a lecture on the subject of "Between heaven and earth - angels, messengers of God, what the Bible says".

The exhibition ends with a Finissage on Sunday, October 14th. After the service, which begins at 2.30 p.m., there is coffee and cake in the monastery garden and a hands-on activity for visitors. The exhibition is open on Sundays 23rd and 30th September and 7th October from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on the monastery days on Saturday, September 22nd, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The artists are personally present on Sundays.


News from

Back at the Kulturkreis: Hans Scheibner

13. 9. 2007. At the Saturday, September 29th, presents the Hechthausen culture area the cabaret artists Hans Scheibner, who shows his new program "Temporary Pleasure! � News from Absurdistan" in the Landhaus Ostekrone at 8 pm. The name Scheibner has stood for high quality in the cabaret scene for a long time: the native of Hamburg has been present on Germany's stages as a satirist, cabaret artist and poet for 40 years. Cards in pre sales are available again at Elektro-Patjens and in the Ostekrone in Hechthausen as well as in the center bookstore in Hemmoor for 20 euros (box office 22 euros).


Where Modersohn
sat in the painting cart ...

Replica of a painting cart

26. 8. 2007. "Making great art tangible for everyone, right in front of one's own front door, was the idea of ​​the Deinstedter Heimatsucher in 1927, and this has also been the concern of the Art an der Oste working group for several years." So described Susanne Morgenstern, the chair of the Bremervörde cultural and homeland districtss, the claim of the exhibition "From Barlach to Frido Witte", which was presented on Friday evening in front of more than 150 guests in the castle park behind the Bachmann Museum opened.

Vice-District Administrator Brünjes at the opening address

The exhibition under the patronage of the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture reconstructs the "Great German Art Exhibition"that had lured thousands to the market hall in Bremervörde in 1927. Among the exhibits is a replica of the painting in which Otto Modersohn once captured the landscape in the Elbe-Weser triangle on canvas with a brush and palette.

Attentive vernissage audience

The popular vice district administrator Reinhard Brünjes - for many in the ROW-Nordkreis a kind of "District Administrator of Hearts" - was delighted that the chairwoman of the Kunstverein Morgenstern and the head of the "Kunst an der Oste" project, Almute Anglada-Lemkau, have promised a "continuous cooperation" between art lovers and the Bachmann Museum.

Association chairwoman Susanne Morgenstern

The representatives of the district and the art association expressly thanked the curator and Osteland prizewinner Wolf-Dietmar Stock for the realization of the exhibition, which the district court director a. D. Barthold Hildebrandt had suggested.

Provided the impetus: Barthold Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt, for his part, gave a lecture in his celebratory address on the intellectual climate in Bremervörde at the time when the circle of "Homeland seeker" initiated the 1927 exhibition.

Almute Anglada-Lemkau (2nd from left), fellow campaigner

More about the exhibition can be found on the Website of the culture and home districtthat of the AG-Osteland-comrade-in-arms Alexander Oppermann is designed.

Please also read the Zevener newspaper: "Everyone wants to go to the Bachmann Museum"


a guest in Stade

Kleinwörden photographer and printer Bertholdt

22. 7. 2007. The 6. North German collotype exhibition starts on Sunday, August 5th, 11 a.m., in the Stader Schleusenhaus. The smallest collotype printer in the world of the photo artist and printer Gerd Bertholdt from Hechthausen-Kleinwörden will be guest here for six weeks.

This time, Bertholdt is showing his little gridless masterpieces from the city under the patronage of the Stader Kunstverein smallest collotype in the worldas he calls his workshop. It is probably the only collotype workshop in the world that is still functioning, because all other collotype printers are now only museum institutions.

In the past, high-speed presses that weighed tons were used for printing, while Bertholdt converted a small letterpress press for his own purposes. This will also be on display at the exhibition, because Gerd Bertholdt brings his 240 kilo "light" hand press into the lock house for illustration purposes.

You will recognize the many facets of this noble printing process from the collotype prints on display. From the reproduction of old Stade lithographs to printed photo art to pencil drawings faithfully reproduced in collotype Motifs from the Osteland Bertholdt illustrates the use of collotype printing, the quality of which is true to the original, even with electronic grain grids.

The 6th North German collotype exhibition takes place in Stade im Schleusenhaus, Altländer Strasse 2, and is open daily from August 5 to August 26, 2007 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

Culture area

in the hospice

Lived in Hechthausen for a long time: artist Saphir

22. 7. 2007. For all friends of the late artist Bernhard sapphire organizes the Hechthausen culture area still until July 27th an exhibition in the rooms of the Buxtehude hospice group. With this, the cultural group wants to honor the life and work of the artist who lived in Hechthausen for many years and was active well into old age. The pictures with Hamburg motifs - some of which are available for purchase - give an insight into the diverse creative work of Saphirs, who had been cared for by the hospice group until his death. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. Admission is free.


in Gräpel

Actor Gellert on the ferry

18. 7. 2007. For organizational reasons, the Ringelnatz evening will be held in favor of the Ferry and History Association Brobergen and the surrounding area not in Brobergen, but on the ferry in Graepel instead of. For the charity event with the actors Wolfgang Gellert and Fried Wolff at the Saturday, August 11th, from 7.30 p.m. Tickets can still be ordered on the hand-drawn boat ferry.

The tickets for the event including Buffet cost 15 euros. Reservations for the events under 01520-6649736 (from Corinna Kolf) or 04140-365 (from Antje Rieckmann).


The ferry
into the hereafter

Anke Cibach (with rat) read in Gräpel

7. 7. 2007. The oste is becoming more and more a river of crime. After the readings on the "Mocambo" were fully booked, friends of crime fiction were drawn to the on Saturday Graepler Prahmfähre.

Comfortable showers on the Ostefähre

And why shouldn't a ferry boat be the right place for crime stories in which people are transported from this world to the next? At least in Greek mythology it is Ferryman Charonaccompanying the souls of mortals across the river Styx to the entrance of the underworld. And appears in in Norse mythology Odin as a ferryman named Hárbarðr.

Anke Cibach ("La Paloma for the murderer") performed among other things slightly sexist grotesque crime grotesques on the Gräpeler Fährprahm, whose heroines are male-murdering women - much to the delight of the predominantly female audience.

Even a story about the serial production of shrunken heads didn't spoil the audience's appetite for the buffet, the landlady Karin Plate next door in hers Gasthaus "Zum Osteblick" had done.

The Cibach reading was in favor of the active Ferry and History Association Brobergen and the surrounding area hosted. The author waived her fee in order to support the work of the association, which was only founded in March, like the chairwoman Corinna Kolf announced. Another Cibach reading is planned at the Oste in autumn.


The quiet charm
the oste pictures

Advertisement for the Osteland art exhibition

5. 7. 2007. Round 1500 visitors were alone in the Bremervörder last Sunday Bachmann Museum Come where - parallel to the craft market - the new one Picture show of the AG Osteland with the title "From Moor and Heath - Artists on Oste and Wümme" was first seen. The exhibition was put together by Osteland-Kulturpreis winners Wolf-Dietmar Stock (Fischerhude).

Last year, AG Osteland had three Oste art exhibitions around 8000 visitors dressed. Two more Osteland exhibitions are coming soon Neuhaus and Balje to see.

Curator Stock introduces the exhibition

The official opening of the latest exhibition was celebrated on Wednesday evening with a ceremony in Bremervörder district building caught up in the presence of over 100 representatives from politics and culture.

Greetings: Vice District Administrator Brünjes (r.)

On this occasion, in addition to curator Stock and the Rotenburg vice district administrator, spoke Reinhard Brünjes (CDU) also the chairman of the Osteland working group culture, Jochen Bölsche (East).

Improvisations on the grand piano: Christian Rüthing

The pianist received much applause Christian Rüthingwho framed the opening with "improvisations from moor and heather" on the piano.

Seen among the guests: local researcher and patron Dr. Elfriede Bachmann, Dr. Hans-Eckhard Dannenberg (Landschaftsverband Stade), editor-in-chief Rolf Borgardt (Bremervörder Zeitung), district archaeologist and chairman of the board Dr. Stefan Hesse and managing director Ulrich Schliemann (Bachmann Museum Foundation), writer Elke Loewe, Vice Mayor Johannes Schmidt (Joint municipality of Hemmoor), Sigrid Fromming (Board member AG Osteland), Susanne Morgenstern (chairwoman of the Bremervörder Kultur- und Heimatkreis) u. v. a.

CEO Hesse (center) in the museum

In the exhibition are until August 12th more than 80 pictures by artists from the Elbe-Weser area, including around twenty works by the Kuhstedt painter Alfred Wiegmann (1886-1973), including friendly, impressionistic pictures of birch paths and peat canals.

Oster painter in the
"Bremervörder Louvre"

Heidebild by the east painter Rusch

Right in the reception room of the "Bremervörder Louvre" hangs on loan from Karl-Otto Richters a heather picture by the east painter Dietrich Rusch, in which, according to curator Stock, "the Oste found her painter".

What Stock said about the mostly simple, unspectacular works from the Elbe-Weser area also applies to this picture: "The quiet charm of the pictures passes over to the viewer like magic."

Alfred Wiegmann: Birches in the Kuhstedter Moor

At the Oste is little known Richard Eggers from Jork, from which exquisite landscapes, still lifes and woodcuts are shown. The painting doctor from Bremen Detlef Schweckendieck (1916-2004) left a rich body of work with drawings and inks. Heinrich Jaacks (1896-1954), a Hamburg resident, to whom Rotenburg became a second home, painted with the expressionist's sparkling enthusiasm.

The one who lives in Hemsbünde (Rotenburg district) Alfred Eversmeyer, Born in 1928, leads the list of artists still alive today with his representational oil paintings. Werner Zöhl (born 1926) from Quelkhorn was stylistically influenced by Feininger and Klee at a young age. The 90 year old Christian Modersohn from Fischerhude, a son of Otto Modersohn, is represented with ten watercolors that are reminiscent of Japanese artists with their lightness and accuracy. Hans-Gerd Rehpenning (Born 1953) from Kutenholz contributes a number of sculptures. His slender wooden figures fit unobtrusively into the painting show.

Soon exhibitions
in Neuhaus and Balje

Painting by Karl-Otto Matthaei

After the Bremervörde exhibition, the focus of the Osteland cultural summer, follows on July 15, 3 p.m., in the small gallery of Siw-Evelyn Helenius-Scharten at the old port in Neuhaus / Oste the opening of a collection entitled "Die Oste", which will be on view through September 30th.

Linked to it is during the same time in the neighboring Granary an exhibition of the recently founded, directed by Wolf-Dietmar Stock Karl Otto Matthaei Society on the subject of "water and clouds". Matthaei was the central figure in the circle of artists who discovered Neuhaus as a quarter and the Oste as a motif around the turn of the last century.

Another exhibition called "The Oste" becomes from July 19th in the Natureum Niederelbe can be seen at the east estuary in Balje.

Culture area

Trutschige Truden
drum like a dream

Exotic sounds and jokes from Hamburg

1. 7. 2007. In the fully occupied hall of the Oste crown brought the women's cult band "Trude dreams of Africa" the audience on the weekend not only to dream, but carried it away to true storms of enthusiasm. Dressed shrilly as Marlene Jaschke, with stripes, brightly colored and slippery, in the style of the fifties, brightly made up with the obligatory hats from history's moth boxes, the Trumps showed their way from the recorder to the drums.

They shone primarily with rousing West African rhythms performed on their drums. But they also sparked a real musical fireworks display with a wide variety of other instruments, with which they cast a spell over the audience.

The cabaret interludes, performed with tempered self-irony, ensured that the laughing muscles of the audience did not remain idle.With nasal Hamburg slang and a played, skilfully openwork, elegant attitude, they put gag after gag and showed that they not only have music, but also a lot of humor in their blood. The symbiosis of foreign, African-influenced music and the well-known Hamburg staircase joke gave the Hechthausen audience a special attraction, also to the great delight of the Hechthausen audience.

The organizers from Culture area were extremely satisfied with the response to their event, especially since many spectators expressed their enthusiasm even after the event.


on the Kirchentag

Russian visitors at the Schirrmacher stand

11. 6. 2007. With butter sandwiches, rucksacks and shorts at 32 degrees in Hall 10 on the Protestant Church Congress in Cologne - this is how the visitors at the major event that ended on Sunday presented themselves: anything but a gallery audience, usually the pictures of the Hechthausen artist between appetizers and prosecco Marie E. U. Schirrmacher-Meitz consumed, which Marie von der Oste calls herself.

The artist had the opportunity to present at the Kirchentag in the exhibition stand set up especially for her pictures in the Room of Silence.

Hechthausener painter Schirrmacher-Meitz

"The people of Hechthausen are very familiar with my 'Pictures of Inner Light' from an exhibition in our St. To show my pictures to an interested audience and to tell about the beautiful Osteland between the Weser and Elbe, the land of milk and honey between gentle meadows and lush farms in the north German lowlands. The response and interest among the 150,000 visitors was great. "


Cibach on the
Graepel ferry

Crime writer Cibach an der Oste

30. 5. 2007. The Krimiland concept the AG Osteland comes in: The Oste with its two prahm ferries in Gräpel and Brobergen distinguishes itself more and more clearly in terms of tourism and culture than River of crime poets. While Elke Loewe soon her second - again fully booked! - Mocambo reading, it's the busy one Ferry and History Association Brobergen and the surrounding area succeeded the author Anke Cibach to a benefit appearance on the historic cable ferry in Gräpel to win, combined with a crime writing competition.

Of shrunken heads
and bog corpses

At the July 7th from 9 p.m. reads the Cibach on the Oste Crime stories "Of shrunken heads, bog corpses, wine corpses and crimes that dictate life", is the title of the event. But in advance there will be one on this evening from 8 p.m. Crime buffet in the restaurant "Zum Osteblick" (Plate). The Cibach reading takes place for the benefit of the Ferry and History Association. The author waives her fee in order to support the work of the association, which was only founded in March. The cards cost 17 euros including the buffet.

Anke Cibach was made famous by crime novels. The author, born in Hamburg and raised near the port, has already several detective novels released. "Stumme Schreie auf dem Dom" and "Das Phantom vom Fischmarkt" appeared in the series of black books of the Hamburger Abendblatt. Then she wrote "Search corpse - offer murder" and "Love killer - murders with and without suspenders", "Murder with a bite" or "The council of ravens". She appreciates black humor, her motto when writing is: "Crime stories are chocolate for the soul."

Free tickets for one
"Track to the ferry"

For the crime night on July 7th are win two cards. For this purpose, a short thriller has to be written with the title "Fährte zur Fähre", the text should be no more than one page long and addressed to: Fähr- und Geschichtsverein Brobergen und Umgebung, Berg 35, 21726 Brobergen. Anke Cibach and the chairwoman of the ferry association, Corinna Kolf, look forward to many submissions.

Ringelnatz fan Gellert in Brobergen

At the August 11 from 8.30 p.m. there will also be a benefit event for the Broberger Verein. On the listed Prahm Ferry in Brobergen the actors appear at 7 p.m. Wolfgang Gellert and Fried Wolff play and recite the texts by Ringelnatz. During the break there is a