Why is self-study good

Self-study: procedure, organization, tips for students

Who one Self study want to complete, must be able to organize well and display a high degree of perseverance and motivation. There are now many types of self-study that interested parties can choose from. However, the daily routine (especially for employees who work alongside the job) Self study be well organized so as not to get bogged down. A demanding job. But it can be mastered ...

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Self-study: definition of the term

In fact, it's not that easy to find the term Self study define. Various educational institutions, providers of (online) training courses or students understand something else taking a self-study.

One quintessence, however, shows: Self-study is that Opposite of face-to-face studiesas offered at most universities.

People who learn something on their own are largely dependent on their own Dependent on independence. You are responsible for achieving the goal you have set for yourself. The students are free to choose where to study. You can continue your education abroad or at home from the sofa at home. As long as you deliver the required examination results, that's not a problem. Many self-students appreciate this independence from a certain place and from certain times of the day when studying.

In terms of Learning materials differs from self-study also from the classic face-to-face study. Distance universities send learning letters to their students, in which the learning material is presented in an edited form and provide special CDs, DVDs and PC programs with which the students can work through the material. Usually, e-learning is also much more widespread at distance universities - logically, there are no fixed course rooms and times.

Of course, there are different levels of personal responsibility. Some people learn completely without external control and usually without obtaining a degree or certificate. These are the so-called Self-taughtwho teach themselves an instrument or a programming language, for example.

On the other hand, there are entire courses of study that are based on the principle of self-study. Either the students are actually completely free in the division of the learning content and only have to keep the examination date at the end of the semester or they are supervised by mentors during the semester and can exchange questions with other students at the university in forums. The latter form of self-study is also called Distance learning designated.

Self-study is often practiced by people who have a job and want to continue their education in their free time. It is quite possible that these employees do not complete a full degree after work, but rather Advanced or advanced training and acquire certificates that will advance them professionally. This is also one of the different types of self-study.

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What are the requirements for self-study

The school requirementsthat are put to those interested in self-study are different. At academies or providers of online courses, there are usually no special requirements with regard to the school leaving certificate.

If you want to study at a distance learning university, you usually need the General University Entrance Qualification. These requirements can be relaxed for applicants with vocational training and relevant professional experience. The best thing to do is to find out more directly from the institution where you are planning your distance learning. There you can get individual information.

If you would like to take a course in English, you must - depending on the provider - your Proof of foreign language skills. This is usually done through a standardized test such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System-Test) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). However, it is also possible that an in-house language test is a prerequisite for admission.

Self-study: tips on how to persevere

Employees who want to do self-study alongside their job should pay attention to a few things to ensure that this Project becomes a success. This includes:

  • Plan realistically

    Before starting your self-study, try the time expenditure to determine exactly. If you want to study at a distance learning university, you can, for example, ask in forums how much time the other students invest in self-study per week. The student secretariat will certainly also give you an indication of how much time you should plan. In addition, you can usually find a time when choosing the course or module.

    Realistic planning also means that you have a Course plan of the course create. Many self-paced students fail because they start motivated, undertake too much and end up abandoning their project after a few weeks or months. Simply because it is going to be too much.

    You can minimize this risk by creating a realistic progress plan at the beginning or even before the start of the self-study Buffer for setbacks and includes time for vacations.

  • Inform family and friends

    Take family, friends and acquaintances on board - even before you start your self-study. Many employees who want to study alongside their job have little time anyway. If the free time becomes even less due to the part-time studies, friends and family could get together feeling neglected. This makes it even more difficult for you to use your free time for self-study.

  • Explore strategies

    Whether you study on your own alongside your job or as an alternative to face-to-face studies, one thing is important: different learning and time management strategies.

    There are plenty of tips on time management and self-organization. You can only find out for yourself which ones are right for you. If you can draw on a large pool of different strategies, that will help you. Therefore, before you start self-study, you should do at least a rough one Overview of the possibilities and know how and where to find more strategies.

    In addition to time management and self-organization, you should also be clear about what type of learner you belong to. Our learner type test can help you answer the question. Once you know how best to study, you will find the right learning methods more quickly.

  • Use all possibilities

    Especially if you are doing your self-study at a distance learning university, you can go to a Plenty of help To fall back on.

    Online tutorials, e-learning events, and virtual study groups are just some of the things that self-paced students should use. In addition, many lecturers offer a remote university Office hours on Skype or another video chat program. A surprising number of self-learners hardly use this, or only inadequately.

    If you want to do better, you should familiarize yourself with the various options that your Fernuni (or other educational institution) has to offer right from the start. Incidentally, this also means that you have the Introductions to the e-learning system do not skip, but pay close attention.

    But students should also be familiar with completely analogue techniques in self-study. This includes research in libraries, the valid citation method for the respective degree program, as well as knowledge of the format templates and regulations for term papers. If your Fernuni offers a course to the Basics of scientific work offers, you should definitely prove it.

  • Clarify financing

    Another stumbling block on the way to successful self-study is money. If you reduce the hours for your part-time study on the job, you lack that money in everyday life.

    However, students who use the option of self-study instead of full-time study at a face-to-face university must also arrange their finances beforehand. If you during the semester out of the blue Having to take on a part-time job because you can no longer make ends meet with the money you have available puts your studies at risk.

    You should therefore find out which ones beforehand Types of grants (BAföG, student loan, maintenance from parents, scholarship ...) You could receive and look out early for a part-time job that can be reconciled with self-study - just to be on the safe side.

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