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What to do in Malaga Province

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What to do or do with friends and children in and around Malaga province. TUDESTINO is probably one of the best websites for planning your vacation and leisure activities in Malaga Province and the Province of Malaga.


Malaga Province


There are many activities to do in Malaga city. Here are some options.

Travel to the Costa del Sol, stroll along the beautiful beaches, sunbathe or enjoy the food at the various beach bars.

Visit the Roman Theater or one of the museums in the capital such as the Automobile Museum or the Carmen Tyssen Museum in Malaga.

Visit Sahoil Castle, an ancient fortress from the 10th century, or the palatial fortress of the Alcazaba.

Take a boat trip to admire the sunset or spend an afternoon playing golf.

And we've put them all together for you to put them on TUDESTINO can find the specialized website on the Malaga Province.

Discover what to do in Malaga province