What does RealVNC

What makes VNC Connect so unique?

Imagine you have bought new software and only the direct manager of a team has received extensive training on it. When you enable device access as part of your VNC Connect subscription, multiple users can connect to one computer and it makes the complicated software implementation process much easier:

Day 1: The supervisor sets up remote access with read-only access on his computer and explains the new software to his team step by step. Team members ask questions using the chat function and the supervisor answers these questions using visual demonstrations in real time.

Short term: The team leader accesses the employees' computers for real-time support. VNC Connect is perfect for this use case as it is not cluttered with unnecessary help desk functions that are actually intended for the IT team.

Medium term: The team is getting better and better with the new software, and the individual members can each other support. In this way, your line manager can concentrate on other important aspects of his work and at the same time offer his team an opportunity for collaboration and joint training.

VNC Connect makes the complicated process of introducing a software upgrade much easier. The time of each individual employee is used efficiently, the quality of training and support is increased and the need for mobility is drastically reduced.