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Download BLACK: File Income Tax Return & Invest In Mutual Fund APK

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Filing income taxes and investing in mutual funds just got easier! Download the ClearTax BLACK app and complete your electronic income tax filing in just 7 minutes for FREE

ClearTax, India's leading tax filing platform, aims to simplify electronic filing of income tax returns in India. With our new Black app, we want to make filing income tax returns easier than before. Now you can automatically import your income and tax information straight from the government. Portal and file in a few minutes

What does our ClearTax Black app offer?

E-file income tax return over black

1.Auto imports data from the IT portal
2. Automatically retrieves data from Form 16 PDF and supports multiple Form 16s in case orders are changed
3. Expert support for all your tax questions
5. Save Rs. 46,800 and claim Income Tax Deductions and Exemptions
6. Receive notifications of ITR deadlines.

Invest in mutual funds through black
-Easy to decide how to invest in mutual funds and ELSS
- Curate the Mutual Fund Package Yourself - DIY Simplified
- Receive timely updates on mutual fund performance
- Track the status of your investments in SIPs
- Review and manage your mutual fund portfolio

Why use ClearTax Black App?

1. Submission is absolutely FREE
2. Simple and Accurate
3.Auto imports data from the income tax department
4. Best investment app for investing and ELSS and save 46,800

How does ClearTax Black work?

For e-filing tax returns

Option 1: file with the details pre-filled by the income tax department.

Step 1: Select the option "File with pre-filled data"
Step 2: Enter the credentials of the IT portal - your PAN is the username.
Step 3: Check and edit the details if you want to edit a field
Step 4: Click “Submit” to finish the file

Option 2: Upload your Form 16 PDF

Step 1: Select the option "Upload Form 16"
Step 2: Upload Form 16 PDF
Step 3: Review the details and click "Submit" to complete the submission

If you have changed jobs within a year, you can upload several forms 16. We'll read both Form 16 and help you file your income tax return for FREE.

Option 3: Don't have a Form 16? Paper form 16?

If you don't have your Form 16, you can also manually fill in the relevant details by saying "Don't have a Form 16?" Choose. Option and send your income tax return via email.

For investing in mutual funds

1. Sign in or log into Black APP
2. Choose the most suitable fund from our handpicked mutual fund plans.
3. Select the preferred type of investment (lump sum or SIP).
4. Complete your KYC process if you have not already done so
5. Link your bank account and transfer the amount.
6. You will receive the details of your investment, such as: B. the folio number, by email or SMS.

The best features of the ClearTax Black app are:

ITR file - BLACK also allows you to upload multiple Form 16s. It's easy, safe, and convenient. The app also shows you whether any tax fees are outstanding. Once you have received confirmation, you can track the status of your submissions.
Investments - BLACK allows you to invest in all types of mutual funds, such as: B. in large-cap funds, small-cap funds, ELSS funds, liquid funds and balanced funds. You can even invest in either flat-rate funds or through a systematic investment plan.

Tax savings: With BLACK you can increase your savings. You can learn, save and invest quickly. Imagine all you can do with Rs.85,800 that you saved with our app. It is absolutely possible to take a vacation, spend it on jewelry, buy the clothes you've been looking for all along, and much more.

Expert support: Do you have any tax questions? ClearTax has a large team of tax professionals ready to assist you

About ClearTax
Bangalore-based financial technology platform ClearTax, which provides income tax efiling and mutual fund investment solutions, recently developed an Android-based mobile app for electronic filing of income tax returns in India and investment