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Permanently delete Apple ID: How to delete your Apple account

Kris Wallburg

Anyone using an Apple device most likely also has an Apple ID. This is used to manage your purchases in the app store, Apple's media library and your saved data in the cloud. But if you want to delete your Apple ID, that is easily possible.

EnlargeYou can easily delete your Apple ID.

If you want to delete your Apple ID for whatever reason, it's very easy. Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) at the latest, all companies in the EU have been obliged to do just that, i.e. to view and, if desired, delete their own data. However, this not only deletes your data, but also your purchases such as apps or films. And this is how it works:

Delete Apple ID via the Apple website

  1. Go to Apple's data and privacy website at this link.

  2. Click on "Delete your account".

  3. On the next page you will be informed about what happens to your data and purchases if you delete your account. In summary: All of your stored data will be deleted, including your iCloud backups and personal data. This also includes purchases made, for example films and music.

  4. At the bottom of the page, select the reasons why you want to delete your account and click "Next".

  5. Then you have to click your way through a few pages where you will also find tips on how best to back up your data. You should do this even if you have backed up important data in iCloud.

  6. Finally, you'll need to specify how Apple should contact you about the status of your deletion. You can choose to enter a telephone number or an e-mail address.

  7. Via the selected contact method, Apple will send you a code that you must enter on the website to confirm the deletion.

  8. This completes the deletion. The process can still take a few days. You will receive a notification from Apple as soon as the account has been permanently deleted. Note that once the account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access your data and purchases from Apple.

EnlargeIn Apple's privacy settings you will also find the option to delete your Apple ID.

Delete Apple ID using the contact form

Alternatively, you can simply request deletion using the contact form. You can access the contact form via this link. Simply enter your region and your data in the form, then explain your request in the text field below. An Apple representative will then be in touch.

Prepare iPhone, Mac and Co.

Should you delete your Apple ID, it is important to prepare your devices for it. Otherwise difficulties may arise if a device is still registered with the deleted Apple ID. So remove your Apple ID from your Apple devices beforehand. The function can be found in the settings of the respective device and the "Apple ID" tab. This designation can vary a little depending on the device, on the iPhone it is called, for example, "Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store" and can be found at the top in the settings.

Before deleting, it is possible to download your own data on the same data protection page. These data are available:

  • Apple Media Services Information (Includes App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, Podcasts Activities)

  • Apple ID account and device information

  • Apple online store and retail store activity

  • Wallet activity

  • Apple Care support history, repair requests, and more

  • Game center activity

  • iCloud Bookmarks and Reading List

  • iCloud Calendar and Reminders

  • iCloud contacts

  • iCloud Notes

  • Report a problem (cards)

  • Marketing communications, downloads and other activity

  • Other dates

  • Files and documents on iCloud Drive

  • iCloud Mail

  • iCloud photos

Take advantage of this option to ensure that you won't miss any data after deleting your Apple ID.