Can I go to Halloween as Hitler?

Doesn't even work as a Halloween costume!

Halloween events & facts

Halloween in the USA is known among adults for being allowed to go overboard. In Germany it is more the carnival at which the church, politics or the "fine society" of the upper ten thousand can be criticized with crude jokes and impossible costumes.

Since there is no carnival in the USA, Halloween is often used to point out misconduct, missteps and various mishaps of high-ranking personalities and to give them extra punch.

It is clear that it is not always squeamish and that Halloween costumes come out that actually do not work! Politically absolutely no longer correct and below the belt of good taste there is a lot. Sarcasm and black humor are still played down in some costumes, to say the least, and many people get stuck in their throats with these Halloween costumes. Here is the hit parade of costumes that really don't work, uh!


  1. The little guy in the Hitler costume can really only be from England, they have it tough with the kidding of Germans. Hasn't Prince Harry ever been drunk in a NS uniform at a party? I now find the picture neither funny nor particularly offensive. Hitler was a mass murderer and therefore worse than Hannibal, Michael Myers and Leatherface put together. In addition, others go than Bin Laden or Che. Personally, I would just leave politics and religion out of Carnival or Halloween! The picture is just stupid, nothing else. That's why the picture is probably in the category "does not work at all"

  2. Seen in this way, Halloween costumes are always kind of disgusting (that's what they should be), but there are limits somewhere. I don't know who invents or sells such crap as a Hitler costume for children (!). Or also buy for his son while we're at it ...

  3. I seriously wonder who would dare to take to the streets with a costume like that. Because despite the disguise, the face is still recognizable! You have to either be completely shameless or so hacked that you don't care about the embarrassment ...

  4. So the toddler as Hitler is really tasteless. How do you come up with something like that? Let the parents dress up like this if they think it's so "cool", but don't force their son into it!
    The rest of the disguises are no better either, one more horrible than the next * shake your head * You start out with being ashamed of others ...

  5. Well, most of these “costumes” are just completely tasteless, something like that is somehow used to Halloween. But the little boy in the Hitler costume upsets me a little! He's only three or four years old and probably didn't choose or wear it himself! I don't know what that sort of thing is supposed to do, I can't find that funny anymore either.