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What is my car worth? Calculate for free!

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  1. The free “What is my car still worth?” Calculator on
  2. This is how the free “what's my car worth” calculator works

What is my car worth? Use the calculator for free!

In order to determine the value of a car, you do not have to rely on computers on the Internet. There are also other methods to choose from, which can be quite useful depending on your needs. The well-known used car lists from various providers are an exact, but somewhat complex solution: If you want to use these lists to calculate how much your car is still worth, you first receive pure mean values, which are based on correction lists for the exact mileage and the exact (special) equipment and extras need to be adjusted. An exact value can only be obtained if around 100 vehicle features are evaluated. If you are looking for a free computer, you have come to the wrong address here, as the use of these lists is usually subject to a charge.

When answering the question "What is my car worth?" If no computer is to be used, the service of a motor vehicle expert can also be used. A motor vehicle expert prepares a well-founded report and precisely lists the value of the car in it. This method is definitely recommended, but unfortunately it is also quite expensive: higher two- to three-digit sums are usually incurred. In addition, of course, an expert is not always available exactly when you want to know spontaneously what a car is still worth.

The free “What is my car still worth?” Calculator on

Who asks "What is my car worth?" can use computers of all kinds. The free car value calculator on offers a number of advantages:

• The value calculation is based on the latest market data. So you can find out exactly what your car is worth on the market at that moment.

• Special equipment and extras are taken into account. A very individual calculation is carried out for your car, which determines exactly how much the car is worth with all its individual equipment details.

• The “what's my car worth” calculator is always free. You can rate as many cars as you want.

• The evaluation takes a few minutes and is available to you online around the clock.

• The whole thing also works the other way round: With the browser add-on, you also know whether the offers from other providers are fair, or whether you might find a better offer at

What is my car worth? Use the calculator for free!

This is how the free “what's my car worth” calculator works

The free calculator that tells you what your car is still worth is based on the price check. This is an automatic vehicle evaluation that evaluates all current prices in the market.

To this end, we keep the entire used car market under observation every day. A complex algorithm determines how each vehicle feature affects the price of a used car for all used cars from 650 models from 100 different manufacturers. Over 100 characteristics are examined for each used vehicle in hundreds of thousands of calculation steps until the algorithm automatically recognizes which of these characteristics influences the price in which way. You tell us about your car, we check the price in seconds. So you go into the sales pitches with a strong starting position.

For example, the current market prices can be used to individually calculate how much it is still worth for each car, free of charge. The accuracy of the price check has already been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. You also ask yourself: "How much is my car still worth?" Now calculate the value of your used car for free: just enter the required data and follow the instructions. It's that easy to find out what your car is still worth!

Free and fair instant valuation of your vehicle

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