Are Tetra Paks Safe?

Tetra Pak Production GmbH & Co. KG Limburg

Manufacture and marketing of direct packaging made of cardboard or plastic for beverages and other foods
65549 Limburg
330 employees

Tetra Pak uses the so-called WCM method to make the company more competitive and to optimize processes. WCM stands for World Class Manufacturing. Starting in 2003, working groups ("pillars") were formed which deal, for example, with the following focal points: quality management, autonomous and preventive maintenance, improving machine efficiency, personnel development, supply chain, costs, environmental protection, project management and safety. In 2005, the plant set up a group of 12 specifically for the security sector to organize security activities. Weekly inspections are carried out with the responsible machine operators on the production lines so that safety deficiencies are recognized and continuously reduced. An improvement team, which is mainly composed of machine operators, analyzes accidents and develops suggestions for improvement. Using specific examples, the company shows how accidents can be avoided in practice with these instruments, e.g .:

Installation and removal aid for upper knife
The top knives (circular knives) on the cutting machines must be replaced regularly. With a device resulting from an operational proposal, it was possible to simplify the knife change so that there is no longer the risk of stab injuries caused by the screwdriver slipping.

Fixed ladder
A ladder is required to pull in a paper web. Fetching the ladder was often too cumbersome for the employees. So the idea of ​​permanently installing a ladder was developed. This ladder was installed "overhead" and must be folded down so that the paper web can be drawn in. This ensures that the ladder is used automatically.

The company is getting better and safer thanks to the security concept practiced.