What makes a student an entrepreneur

From university to own company: Are students the better entrepreneurs?

The Starting your own company is trendy. Among the company founders are increasingly students who set up their own business during their studies or immediately afterwards. Although they usually still lack work experience, they often become very successful with their companies. What could be the reason?

Be your own boss after graduation.

The dream of many students sounds like this or something like that. At German universities and technical colleges, new ideas are born and put into practice every day. The principle that you should first start your own business before starting your own business gain work experience should is not taken seriously by most students - but they are still successful.

What makes a good entrepreneur?

If we're honest, work experience doesn't come first. Successful founders should first bring a lot of courage with you and be convinced of your business idea. Then there is creativity. As a company founder you have to look beyond the box and leave the usual path. This is usually easier for students because they are not yet shaped by the professional world and think freely.

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Create your own vision

Another criterion that a successful founder must meet is ambition. As we all know, being self-employed is not a nine-to-five job.

Especially at the beginning it is important to put all your heart and soul into your own company.

There is no recipe for success for motivation. Nevertheless, it is an advantage if you love what you do and don't see the job as work.Many students create a visionto which they hold on.

Build a network? Help from the university!

Universities and technical colleges offer a great advantage: the network. The construction of a network is particularly easy here because there are many Encounters experts in a specific field in a concentrated manner and can address them independently of professional situations. Students have the opportunity to fall back on this network. As a result, you benefit from many advantages and can start your own business with a broad network.

But not only the network with external lecturers and speakers is interesting. Since it is usually easier to set up a team, students have a clear advantage here: They can join in to do with fellow students and work out an idea together. Finding like-minded people in this environment is much easier than in the professional world.

You don't learn everything at university, but you learn a lot!

Regardless of whether it is a college or university. Many courses offer subjects such as entrepreneurship or innovation management. Students can participate in these courses Acquire valuable knowledge that cannot be learned through professional experience. This alone makes students one step ahead of their more experienced colleagues.

Are students now the better entrepreneurs?

Admittedly, the headline is a bit cheeky. Nevertheless, students bring many important qualities with them that are required as an entrepreneur today. Especially when experience does not play a very important role, students are through

  • their motivation,
  • Courage,
  • creativity
  • and above all their additional skills at the forefront.

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Nevertheless, studying is not a must in order to be able to start a business. If there is a lack of important know-how, there is numerous courses that one can attend without having to study straight away. Regardless of whether you are studying or not, the step into self-employment should be carefully considered and, above all, planned every time.

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