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FIFA 21 features: 9 key changes fans say need to be made

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Ask the community to create a wishlist of FIFA 21 features and the response will be almost limitless: this is the most critically criticized and criticized series in sports games. While FIFA 20 was actually very good - aside from a messed up career mode - and with the series heading for PS5 and Xbox Series X briefly, there are a lot of positives to say. Below, we've scoured social media and reputable forums for the best fan suggestions for FIFA 21, from general gameplay to Ultimate Team to - gulp! - VAR. Here's your not-quite-infinite (luckily!) FIFA 21 wish list.

1. Get into Career Mode from day one

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We have to start with Career Mode because EA messed this up in FIFA 20 and owes fans a full turnaround when the next game lands in September. Developer EA Canada doesn't have to look far for excellent ideas on how this could be done: the official FIFA forum is a hotbed of great ideas. “Realistic transfer offers”, writes TeamExtreme17. “My first three offers for my career at Man Utd were that Liverpool wanted Lindelof, then Liverpool Sanchez on loan and Man City Lingard !? Can you please disable rivals that are making offers to our players? It is unrealistic! Or at least a 100: 1 chance. "

More opportunities to offer young players experience are also at the top of the hit list. “The ability to use young players in a U19 or U23 team would be great,” writes Steffolovitch. “Then they would have regular playing time at this level and you could occasionally choose something to play with the senior team. You could talk to the youth coach about who and when to play. [Right now] you have 16-17 year olds who are unhappy about playing time when they're not even close to good enough. And of course, your youth coach, training ground, scouting, etc. could all be upgraded with your hard earned cash. "

2. Retrofit the gameplay again

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Each FIFA develops a tactic that is overused in the Rivals Division and the Weekend League and will therefore be downgraded in the next edition to the general disadvantage of the game. In FIFA 19 it was an intersection and a header - which means my ability to score goals for a header in FIFA 20 is not there, even with Andy Robertson switching to Raul Jiminez and Tammy Abraham. And it's the same for everyone.

RexAnglo1066 on EA Official Forum agrees that this needs to be fixed: “Crossing has to be a viable attack method in the next game, and it has to be viable to defend crosses as well. The headline in general is absolutely inadequate and it shouldn't be. "

"Personally, as someone who does a 3-4-2-1 by default and consequently uses a lot of wing play, past games have allowed me to play clubs and it has been a tactic that I have used with great success," he continues away. "Like everything else, however, it was not refined to a nuanced game mechanic, but to a complete irrelevance."

3. Add more Ultimate Team filters for specialty cards

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This actually created our wishlist for FIFA 20 features but was completely ignored by EA. We are therefore repeating this as it would save a lot of time when buying players in the Ultimate Team. Basically, specialty cards shouldn't all be grouped into one category on the market: like Madden, it should be possible to search for FIFA 20 shapeshifters, FIFA 20 future stars, etc. An idea TheTinRam suggested on Reddit around this time last year also remains relevant: "The filter I want most is the 'not from' option. So when I'm looking for a French gold GK, I can filter everything out of Ligue 1 I see all GKs from other leagues at once and not individually. "

4. Scrap TOTW rewards in the Ultimate Team

With all of the new types of specialty cards now available in FUT, receiving a TOTW item as a reward for competitive performance feels extremely dated. FUTDonk on Twitter sums it up best:

TOTW is currently the most irrelevant that has ever existed in a FIFA cycle. Rewards now need to change for FIFA 21 if you want to keep pushing this promo after the promo agenda. ..? @EASPORTSFIFAFebruary 23, 2020

5. A new next generation era

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When switching from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One, some popular features such as the Creation Center were surprisingly no longer used. It is of paramount importance that the PS5 and XBox Series X arrivals don't go the same route, and the EA Forum Fab official poster provides some compelling ideas to usher in a new era.

"[Let's do a full graphic overhaul," he writes. “New generation consoles give EA a lot more power to give us an excellent looking game. I expect every face to be visible in the crowd, and not just a pixel blob. Better connection too: EA has been researching connectivity issues for the past five years so I'm confident they will implement better infrastructure to start the new console with a BANG! "

He continues: “Also an overhaul of the Pro Clubs. It's the best mode this game has - real [fans] know it. After several EU countries banned FIFA points, Pro Clubs will be the new powerhouse and take the esports scene by storm. “While Belgium has banned FIFA Points, this last point feels ambitious - although pro clubs still have a very engaged audience that cannot be forgotten in the generational leap.

6. New symbols

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Legendary players have been the focus of Ultimate Team since FIFA 18 when they stopped being exclusive to Xbox. As such, you can expect another round of new oldies this year - and according to a vote on the FIFA team, these are the top ten most wanted:

1. David Beckham (England)
2. Xavi (Spain)
3. Franz Beckenbauer (Germany)
4. Francesco Totti (Italy)
5. Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon)
6. Cafu (Brazil)
7. Eric Cantona (France)
8. Oliver Kahn (Germany)
9. Philipp Lahm (Germany)
10. Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)

7. More complicated details like drilling out players

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The magic of MLB The Show and NBA 2K is that in addition to the excellent gameplay they get all the side effects right: lifelike crowds, TV-style presentation, unmatched depth across the board. While EA does a great job in real teams and kits, there is still room for improvement, as pointed out by RYAN_BENJAMIN on Reddit.

“[I would like a fully licensed EFL,” he writes, “and real youth team players - a database of 200 real players between the ages of 16 and 18. I don't care about youth development goals [in career mode] and the wrong players are causing them. Kits too. Especially more third kits, especially for teams with similar looking home and away colors. Alternative kits: Man Utd with the option of black shorts and socks or white socks with white shorts, etc. "

"I haven't seen this on FIFA 20 before, but someone mentioned a former player who returned to his old club and was booed when he touched the ball," he continues. “I'm sure this happened before with XBOX 360 titles?” He's right too - I interviewed FIFA mastermind David Rutter many years ago, and one feature he was proud of was Carlos Tevez, who did Manchester United fans was booed when he played for Manchester City. That lost feature should really be back for the next generation.

8. Scrap FIFA 21 and replace it with “FIFA”.

The boldest idea on this list - but this from Sean Eubanks would really usher in the new era of the next generation:

Scrap FIFA 21. Make it “FIFA” and let it last for several years. Keep updating it and fixing it with new seasons. It may take creativity and innovation to convert the current Ultimate Team system to it, but it could bring FIFA back to the top like it was a few years ago. (Cc @phantomsfx) March 6, 2020

9. VAR - as long as it is implemented correctly

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The Premier League's implementation of VAR has hindered rather than assisted referees this season, but its inclusion would allow EA to herald the obvious realism of FIFA 21 - and feel like a major new generation feature. Perhaps surprisingly, it is a topic that the FIFA community discusses in a balanced way rather than going to war.

"At VAR EA has to change the way the referees work," writes dummwassercba on Reddit. “At the moment, according to FIFA rules, the referees don't make any mistakes. Referees have to make mistakes [in the game] for VAR to play a role. “I don't really know how to implement VAR as there are no human errors in games,” adds coffeedrinker356.

"Pretty easy, no?" Counter pizzadojo. “Handballs in the run-up to a goal can be recognized and checked. A certain offside edge can continue to be played - as it is now, before it is recalled. Penalties could be a little trickier. “If major leagues continue to implement VAR through to next season and beyond, it is guaranteed to appear in FIFA at some point. Let's hope the community remains so sensible about it.

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