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Chrysanthemums - beacons in autumn

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Chrysanthemums are suitable for a bed or tub planting.

When the summer flowers have faded and autumn bathes the garden in the last warm rays of sunshine, the big time for chrysanthemums comes. The colorful late bloomers, in combination with colorful foliage, provide great color accents. They also bloom as potted plants on balconies and patios until the end of November.

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Symbol of luck and prosperity

Chrysanthemums originally come from China. There they have been breeding the daisy family for 2,000 years. In China, the autumn bloomers, along with bamboo, orchid and plum, are among the four noble plants that symbolize happiness and prosperity. In the middle of the 19th century, chrysanthemums literally made a triumphant advance into European gardens and horticulture.

Perennial chrysanthemums can be overwintered

The so-called potted chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum frutescens) are particularly suitable as balcony decorations. They are sold in full bloom, are easy to care for, require lots of water and little fertilizer, and bloom for weeks. By nature they are perennial plants, but here they are usually grown as an annual, that is, when they have faded, they can be disposed of.

Anyone who has bought perennial chrysanthemums as a flowering pot plant in autumn should overwinter them in a bright and cool place - at a maximum of eight degrees - and only put them outside again in April. They need nutrient-rich, loose soil, they cannot tolerate waterlogging at all.

Plenty of water during the flowering period

Chrysanthemums need fertilization every two weeks during the main growing season in summer.

The beautiful autumn bloomers like to be in sunny locations. During the flowering period, the bushy plants have to be watered daily - even when it rains. Otherwise, the large leaves will hang limp very quickly, but will recover after the next thorough watering. After flowering, the shoots of perennial plants are cut off about finger-length above the pot. During the rest period, water only enough so that the soil does not dry out. In spring the plants come into fresh soil and sprout again. To keep them low and bushy, the new shoots should be trimmed several times.

During the main growing season in summer, organic vegetable manure or compost soil is used every two weeks. By the way: If older chrysanthemums suddenly shoot up, it is because the gardener has treated the plants with growth-inhibiting substances beforehand, the effect of which wears off after a while.

Hibernate chrysanthemums in the bed

In the bed, the plants that have turned brown are cut back to about a quarter of the height in late autumn. If you want to bring the flower miracles safely through the winter, you have to protect the rhizomes well. To do this, the root balls can be covered with leaves or fir branches.

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