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N-TV is turning its back on the capital

The news channel N-TVgives up its headquarters in Berlin and builds its new digital broadcasting center in Cologne. Political reports and talk shows should still come from the capital, the stock market data from Frankfurt. The shareholders have that RTLand CNN / Time Warner decided at a meeting of the supervisory board. "The decision secures the future of N-TV," said RTL editor-in-chief Hans Mahr. The partial move has been under discussion for a long time. "With Cologne as the location for the new digital broadcasting center from autumn 2004, we have made a good choice," says N-TV boss Johannes Zuell. The city is "Germany's leading location for television stations".

N-TV is almost equally owned by the media group RTL, based in Cologne, and CNN / Time Warner, and has around 250 employees. With the partial move, the news broadcaster, founded in 1991, will be further integrated into the broadcaster family. The digital broadcasting center in Cologne-Ossendorf, in which around 10 million euros are being invested, will also save an as yet unknown number of jobs. N-TV will no longer use its building in Berlin's Taubenstrasse and instead will produce the capital's broadcasts in the RTL building on Schiffbauerdamm. This is also where the management and editor-in-chief are to have their headquarters next to Cologne.

How many N-TV employees will move away from Berlin is still open. Züll emphasized that attempts were being made to make the changes socially acceptable for the workforce. After the boom year 2000 and the decline of the new economy, N-TV suffered significant losses. According to Züll, the deficit broadcaster should be in the black in 2005. No