How should I improve my website

Achieve a better ranking with the STRATO rankingCoach

The ranking influences the success of your website

Have you set up a website? Maybe even an online shop? Then, of course, interested parties and potential customers should also find out about it. But how do you do that? Best to be over search engines like Google and Co. are aware of your offers.

Most users open up the Internet via search engines. There they enter keywords to find what they are looking for. Whether and how many users visit your website using certain search terms - Keywords called - ultimately finding, decides the so-called "ranking" that search engines perform for all websites. The English word “ranking” translates as “placement”. The STRATO rankingCoach helps you to improve the ranking of your website.

  • Analysis of your website, including a Google ranking check
  • Tasks tailored to your website
  • Step-by-step instructions with video support
  • Monitoring and measuring the success of the ranking development
  • bookable with many STRATO products

Search engine optimization pays off

If the search engine classifies the web content of a website as a particularly relevant source of information for certain search terms, this page ends up higher up in the search results. The higher a website climbs in the search results lists, the more likely it is that interested parties will notice it and click on it. This means that more potential customers come to a website or an online shop. That is why it is so important to improve the ranking.

What does website ranking depend on?

How well your website ranks depends on several factors that the search engines use to search for relevance of websites for users. The weighting of the factors can change, but the adjusting screws themselves remain relatively constant. Many factors can be specifically influenced. Measures that contribute to this are summarized as search engine optimization (SEO). Here you can find out which adjusting screws you can specifically turn yourself. If you wish, you can simply use the STRATO rankingCoach.

Improve your ranking with the STRATO rankingCoach

Small businesses and the self-employed in particular often lack the money for professional SEO. The STRATO rankingCoach is yours Alternative to expensive agencies. The tool uses an SEO check to analyze the current Google ranking of your website and identify potential for improving it. You do not need any previous knowledge or specialist knowledge - the rankingCoach then shows measures with which you can systematically optimize your website for search engines.

For this purpose, the tool provides you with tasks in three areas: Website (onpage), external links (offpage) and social networks. The website optimization is then carried out step by step. You set the pace. The rankingCoach supports you with easy to understand Instructions and Video tutorials in the process of completing your SEO tasks. You can also use it to monitor the success of the measures. The tool automatically evaluates how the placement of your website is developing and suggests further measures if necessary.

Which presets do I choose?

When you start the STRATO rankingCoach for the first time, first enter Information about your website and industry at. Try the industry information as precise as possible To be met: For a travel blog, for example, the category “Gastronomy & Tourism” would be the right choice. Then limit whether you blog more about camping holidays (“campsites”) or about package tours (“travel agency, tour operator”).

Which keywords are relevant?

In the next step, you will receive keyword suggestions. These are keywords that, based on experience, potential prospects use Google and Co. to search for offers like yours. In our example this could be, for example, “Thailand Travel” or “Bangkok Hotels”. After clicking on "Suggest keywords", the rankingCoach will list you similar keywords and combinations on.

When choosing relevant keywords, keep them in mind Competitive situation: For search terms with a large search volume ("Thailand vacation"), the competition is usually fierce. It is correspondingly difficult to rank in the top positions on Google. At special searches like “Thailand boat trip tips”, the chances are possibly better of positioning yourself in front of established websites.

Who are my competitors?

In the STRATO rankingCoach you can enter up to three competitors for comparison. Either select them from a list or add their Internet addresses yourself. Those providers who rank above your page in the search results are particularly suitable. You can find relevant competitors by simply entering the keywords that are relevant to you on Google and Co.

What SEO tasks do I have to do?

Now the actual optimization begins. First, stock yours Home page with the three most important keywords. If your offer is more local, you should also add your website to services such as Google Maps or Yelp. In further steps, you network your website with directories and set up social media channels.

So that your SEO leads to a better ranking via rankingCoach, you should if possible tackle all proposed tasks. This is not only useful for reasons of search engine optimization. For example, those who use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. properly receive valuable feedback from readers and customers. The better known your website is in the major social networks, the greater the positive influence on your search engine ranking.

Onpage SEO: clarity and stringency in structure and content

It is crucial for a good ranking that you have your website clear and informative shape. Also the Usability Your internet presence is an important factor. This depends not only on the navigation, but also on the structure of the individual pages. Structure and content of your texts however, are most important. This also includes, for example, that you include the most important search words for your subject area in headings and texts.

Technical aspects of SEO

Ultimately, every detail counts - for example, the structure of your Internet address (URL) or the loading speed of your website: Set up so-called speaking urls because for both search engines and users an address is like more memorable than www. or similar. Also, don't overload your website Source code of any kind, because that slows down the page load, and the longer a page loads, the faster users jump off again. A high Bounce rate ("Bounce rate") are rated by search engines as negative.

Build in pictures, graphics and videos

With the highest possible quality images, graphics and videos loosen up your text and add valuable additional information. The same applies to online shops: Strengthen your website ranking by providing interested parties with more information about your products. The more appealing and structured you design your website, the longer your visitors stay there. This also flows into the Google ranking. The general rule: Offer your visitors added valuethat makes your website attractive.

Offpage SEO: Get links to your website

If other websites link to your website, this has a positive effect on the ranking. The algorithms of the search engines evaluate these so-called Backlinks according to quantity and quality.

Directories and Web catalogs form a solid basis for backlinks. The STRATO listingCoach enters your website in 18 regional and national business directories as well as in numerous navigation systems - just a few clicks are enough. There are also numerous other ways to build backlinks; this includes, for example Press releases and article directories.

How do I measure success?

Under "Evaluation" you will find detailed information about the placement of the previously selected keywords in the rankingCoach visibility Your domain and the generated backlinks over time. In this way, you always have an eye on progress or problems with optimization and can intervene promptly. If you are mainly active regionally, you can also easily switch the display between "Germany" and your local area.

Improve your ranking now!

Just try the rankingCoach for yourself - with 30 day money back guarantee. Do the ranking check and take specific steps to get your website on the road to success. The STRATO rankingCoach is suitable for common content management systems, shop systems and website construction kits. Simply connect the practical tool directly to your STRATO hosting package, website builder or web shop and get to know SEO with the rankingCoach. Discover how easy and inexpensive it is to improve your website's ranking. We're here to help.

Therefore optimize the website ranking with STRATO:

  • SEO for everyone - even on a small budget
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  • no previous knowledge required
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