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No. 2 | What is archeology?

Hello dear researchers!

What is archeology?
The word archeology is made up of two Greek words: archaeus and logos.
"Archaois" means "old" and "logos" means "doctrine". So archeology is the study of ancient things. The scientists who practice archeology are called archaeologists.
Archaeologists protect and research the remains of bygone times hidden in the ground. They do excavations, research the finds and plan exhibitions. The excavation takes less time than the evaluation and interpretation of the finds in the office. Right now, archaeologists are also doing research in their home office. Online libraries, databases and internet research can help.

For today's puzzle you can use these databases:
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Search engines for children:

Tip: Puzzles with kURt, the prehistory worm. You can download and print the riddle HERE.

Task 1 for little Celtic fans: Draw a team of archaeologists at work! Show us the picture and post it on Facebook!

Task 2 for bigger Celtic fans: Find out where archaeologists can work in Austria and create a job advertisement for an archaeologist! What do you think they have to be able to do?