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Tips for success: more success at work

Have you ever wondered if you can maybe even more successful could be? Possibly a promotion, a raise, a change of employer or the step into self-employment that has been floating around in your head for a long time. You have quite a few ideas and still dreams that you want to achieve professionally, but somehow it seems with that further success not yet wanting to work. One potential problem: you are not realizing your potential. We have the different and most effective tips for success put together - there is guaranteed to be something for everyone ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Tips for success: which factors influence success?

Why are others more successful than me? At some point everyone comes to a point where they grapple with this question. With friends and colleagues, your career seems to be picking up speed somehow, while you yourself have the feeling of treading on the spot. There is no single recipe for success that can guarantee success in any case according to a certain pattern.

What we mean by success is always something Individual: personal happiness, financial security, career advancement. The path to becoming successful is just as individual. In professional terms, a number of factors play a role. We have five properties put together for you, which can promote success.

  • ambition

    Successful people are often willing to work harder than many others. With a strong will, great commitment and ambition, they succeed in leaving their competition behind. The American actor Will Smith once said in an interview: "If I run on a treadmill with someone else, I'll either run longer and farther than the other, or die on the treadmill.

  • patience

    Success is not something that you can accomplish in one moment. Successful people know that setbacks and frustration are part of the way too. Instead of letting that hold you back, they patiently keep the long-term goal in mind and keep working towards it.

  • Self-confidence

    It sounds very simple, but great self-confidence can be observed in many successful people. They believe in themselves, in the skills that they bring with them and in the success that they will sooner or later achieve with these skills.

  • Communication skills

    This doesn't just mean that successful people are good speakers. They are just as good listeners and observers. They are aware of their surroundings and also notice the things that are not said. With this talent for communication, they create the basis for a successful future with respect and trust.

  • Passion

    Only those who enjoy what they do and can be proud of it can also be successful. Those who do their jobs with passion and dedication will achieve the best possible result and keep improving. However, if there is no passion, then the motivation will quickly subside.

But don't worry: even if you don't have all of these properties born in the cradle you can still be more successful. On the one hand, many of the points can be learned; on the other hand, it is not always just about doing something extra, but about stopping behaviors that stand in the way of success.

We have for you the various tips for success summarized and show how you can be more successful in your job:

How successful do I really want to be?

A important and fundamental questionBefore even bothering with success tips: Do you know how successful you really want to be?

Success in professional terms is often rated very highly. Everyone wants to achieve something professionally, to make a name for themselves in their industry, to take responsibility, of course to earn money and to be proud of their work.

However, everyone should definitely ask themselves the question: How successful do I actually want to be? To some, this sounds more like a joke or a trick question. As successfully as possible, of course ... it comes like a shot from a pistol. Such ambition certainly has positive sides, but not everyone is made for this kind of steep career.

There are leaders and successful types who want to get to the top and cannot be satisfied with anything else. But not everyone was born with such genes. Not everyone is automatically qualified to be the boss and chairman of the board of a large corporation.

Don't get this wrong, it's not about trying to talk you out of your goals. It is just a matter of knowing whether you actually want to achieve the targeted success on your own and pursue your own goals - or whether you want to whether you are just trying to meet the expectations of society or those around you.

Tips for success: 14 unwritten rules for more success in the job

As a regular reader of the Career Bible, you are of course already familiar with many of our tips and advice on applications or job interviews. Hence, you are also aware that it no perfect and prescribed path to success gives. Every situation is individual and therefore everyone has to find their own way to success - including the definition of what success actually means. For this reason, we strongly advise you to adapt the following tips to your situation and to filter out the advice that applies to you. These 9 unwritten laws can help you on your way to success in your job.

  1. Trust in your own abilities

    Perhaps the most important unwritten law and an essential tip for success: Only if you yourself believe in yourself and your own abilities, you can use it to convince other people. A simple example: If you don't think your presentation is great, how do you think that will get across to the customer?

    If you want to be successful, you always have to trust that you have the necessary skills. Otherwise you will be overtaken by other competitorswho may be able to do less, but have the right attitude ...

  2. Don't be afraid to make a mistake

    One hears again and again that mistakes mean a step backwards on the career ladder and that they should be avoided as much as possible. But the exact opposite is often true. Of course you should don't stumble from one mistake to the next every day. But without one or two missteps, people often just step on the spot.

    On the other hand, a lot can be learned from a mistake and improved in the future. So don't be overly carefulbut be prepared to take one or the other risk. Sometimes the only thing that helps is stepping out of the comfort zone.

  3. Do not blaspheme the boss or colleagues

    It is in the office corridor or in the coffee kitchen Unfortunately, blasphemy is a kind of national sport become the worker. With the nice office neighbor, the boss or the new teammate is dragged on or jokes are made unabashedly at the expense of others. This is how rumors spread at lightning speed.

    This may be amusing in the short term, but over time such gossip always comes as a light and the job is quickly in danger. You may not be able to stop the radio transmission, but you can refrain from participating.

  4. Stick to your goals

    If you set out to do something and pursue one of your dreams, you will always run into someone who believes you can't make it can. There are negative people and doubters in every environment.

    Even so, if you really want to achieve anything, you have to stick to your goals. Make yourself aware of that it is your goal and therefore your pathyou have to go. Just because another person doesn't feel comfortable taking the necessary steps doesn't mean you can't do better.

  5. Never be satisfied

    Goals are an essential step on the way to success. Knowing where you want to go and what needs to be achieved and last but not least, what steps are necessary to get to this point. Only with one goal in mind can you motivate yourself to do your best and keep going.

    But it is often more important to yourself not to rest when a goal has been achieved, but to stick to a new one. Success feels good, but if you are satisfied with it, you will soon find that being successful is not a permanent condition.

  6. Still, listen to criticism

    However, after you've hidden destructive complainers, you should still take the time to look seriously thinking about constructive criticism.

    Often found here new food for thought and opportunities for improvementthat you might not have thought of on your own. So take this feedback to heart and take the best with you to continue working on your success.

  7. Take responsibility

    Nobody likes to admit to having done something wrong. This scratches your own ego and stirs up fear of possible consequences. But one Simply sweeping mistakes under the rug because of this is the wrong approach. You risk doing more damage.

    You show greatness and the will to improve when you admit a mistake to yourself and others and take responsibility. This is exactly what makes you successful because your Impress the boss and grow with the situation instead of hiding.

  8. Find a role model

    If you want to be successful in your job yourself, it is often wise to do it yourself to look for a role model who has already gone this very path. This works for both employees and self-employed. Find someone who has already achieved the success you are still striving for and ask yourself how they achieved it.

    Of course you should don't follow in his footsteps one to one and do the exact same things. But it can still be a good inspiration and motivation if you keep in mind that it is not impossible.

  9. Don't just lapse into competitive thinking

    Often times, if successful, a egoistic attitude thought of an elbow society, in which you assert yourself at the expense of others in order to benefit most yourself at the end of the day - regardless of how the others are doing or whether your own behavior may even harm someone else.

    In fact, it has been shown time and again that particularly successful people are stand up for others, support them and are also prepared to put their own interests behindwhen others can benefit from it.

  10. Say no, too

    No, I cannot take on any further tasks at the moment ... or No, unfortunately we cannot change the shift at the weekend ... Rejection seems to have little to do with success, but in fact, pointing out limits is an important tip for success.

    who the does not know one's own limits or does not manage to adhere to them, can be constantly exploited and systematically overwhelms himself until he comes to a point where things can go no further.

  11. Make decisions

    It is a well-known wisdom: Decisions are always made. Either from you - or from someone else for you. To be successful at work, you have to learn to take matters into your own hands. This can be difficult with important things, but must not lead to a numbness of fear.

    Many employees do not climb the corporate ladder because they simply do not dare to climb the next step and tackle the associated change. But if you don't shape your path yourself, someone else will determine it.

  12. Keep your work fun

    For many employees, stress defines the entire working day. You can be successful at work without having fun at your own work. On the other hand, there is the question: Is it really worth it?

    At the end of the day, money isn't everything in life and you are only really successful if you not only do your job well, but above all enjoy doing it.

  13. Develop yourself further

    The professional world is very fast moving. Therefore, in order to be successful in the job, you must move with the times in almost all industries. Do not rest on the fact that you have brought all the important qualifications with you after completing your training. The demands on employees and managers can change quickly.

    Therefore observe which new qualifications will be important in your position and develop yourself in this direction. Further education and training also help here.

  14. Focus on fewer things

    Many companies are looking for the egg-laying woolly milk pig among their employees, but in order to be really successful at work, it can often be advisable to specialize in one area.

    Of course you should too Think outside the box and follow what's going on in the market, but it is always good for your career if, for example, your boss has to automatically think of you and your expertise on a certain topic. With such a stone in the board and a clear profile, nothing stands in the way of professional success.

Should you need a little more reassurance to boost your confidence and remind you that you can truly be successful, we have it 14 Signs You Are Better Than You Think (PDF) compiled for you to download.

Overcome obstacles instead of avoiding them

No matter which path to success you choose: You will encounter obstacles everywhere. These are not the end of the world, but rather challenges that everyone has to face. With motivation, perseverance and a little flexibility, almost every hurdle can be overcome - even if it doesn't always work out as quickly as initially hoped.

The frustration is usually great. The first impulse and the resulting behavior of most people are therefore very predictable - especially in difficult and potentially stressful situations. That means: If an obstacle appears on the way, Many instinctively choose the easiest path to begin with.

Instead of facing the obstacle, will Chosen the way around it or just changed the whole direction.

Motto: Oh, a staircase? There must be an elevator there too.

This may seem clever and energy-saving, but it misses the purpose of an obstacle and wastes the associated potential. Obstacles are there to be overcome. It's not always easy, but it shouldn't be at all.

It is this challenge that makes a hurdle so valuable and is responsible for the positive effect when it has been mastered.

  • Greater confidence because of their own achievements.
  • A Sense of pride on what you have achieved.
  • confirmation of your own goals.
  • Important experiences and insights - also about your own abilities and limits.
  • Personal growth by confronting problems.

On the other hand, those who give up at every obstacle that presents themselves, discard all plans and stand up for the Path of Least Resistance decides, can never learn, will continue to give up the sails with every headwind in the future and will distance itself from success.

This is why introverts are often more successful

Introverts are often inconspicuous. They don't push themselves into the center of attention, but usually do their tasks without much talk. However, that doesn't mean that introverts are automatically less successful.

While generalizations are always difficult, there are some Arguments that suggest that introverts are more successful:

  1. You always work with concentration

    While many find it difficult to get on with the job focus long term, one of the strengths of introverts lies precisely in this. You don't allow yourself to be distracted by other colleagues who want to tell you the latest rumors. Instead of distracting themselves, introverts do what makes them really successful in the long term: work with concentration.

    Not only do they do more than other colleagues, they also deliver better results, because they are fully committed and do not interrupt themselves at regular intervals.

  2. You know your strengths

    Introverts know themselves very well and know what they can do, in which tasks and projects they can best contribute and where they could run into difficulties themselves.

    Because of this Self-image they can excel with their achievements or recognize in good time that they need help or need additional information.

  3. They are good leaders

    In the role of managers, extroverted personalities are often seen, who take center stage and make clear statements that others obey. Even introverts can excel in leadership positions because they not only know themselves, but also trust their team. You don't have to control everything, but rather give employees the feeling that they are working independently and that they are valued for their achievements.

    These Working method not only helps the team, but also gives introverts the opportunity to focus on more important things.

With the right habits for more success

If you answer spontaneously: What are your habits? Some people need two cups of coffee every morning, others sing in the shower and still others tap impatiently with their fingers on the tabletop. Some habits are desirable, others one would like to switch off. But do you also have habits that can help you become more successful? If you can't think of anything, we have eight habitsthat can serve as a suggestion.

  1. Write down thoughts and ideas

    Sometimes the best ideas just come at the worst possible moments. During a leisurely walk in the forest, on a train ride or in the middle of the supermarket. The problem: before you know it, they are Thoughts already over and at least half of the good idea is forgotten.

    So get used to record spontaneous ideas directly in writing. A small pad with a pen or the note function of your mobile phone is recommended for this.

  2. Don't let your emails distract you

    Email is a quick and easy way of communicating. But you also bring difficulties, because many become employees distracted by emails and interrupted in their workflows. Probably everyone knows it: You come into the office and already have a plan of what needs to be done.

    But with every incoming email the priorities are shifting and at the end of the day, the most important task has still not been done.

  3. Set time limits for tasks

    Just quickly finish the last three slides for the Power Point presentation and it's time for the next task? So much for the theory, but suddenly two hours past and you're still not done. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule your day.

    How long do you plan for which task? The time limit can encourage you to work more effectively and productively. Of course, the prerequisite is sufficient discipline to adhere to the guidelines.

  4. You can also use your smartphone to make phone calls

    It sounds a bit strange at first, but is a serious piece of advice: Today's smartphones come with all sorts of functions that everyone is happy to try out.

    Texts, tweeted and Facebooked are used - but the most essential function of the telephone falls by the wayside. There is a face-to-face conversation is the most effective way of communication. Next time, pick up the phone rather than text.

  5. Work on staying physically fit every day

    Health also plays a major role in success. So use every day to work on your physical fitness. It doesn't take a ton of time 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. Which activity you discover for yourself is also a question of taste.

    Jogging, cycling, yoga, swimming or a visit to the gym. As long as you have the Maintain physical activity over the long term, do something good for your body and your health and at the same time take a step towards success.

  6. Make yourself a to-do list in the evening

    Getting up in the morning and facing an unsorted mountain of tasks is frustrating and often means that the day is over before it has even started. Instead, make a to-do list for the next day every night before bed. You write three to five important tasks that you absolutely want to do the next day.

    This has several advantages: You sleep better in the evening because you don't have the tasks floating around in your head the next day starts more relaxed and organized and after completing the to-do list, satisfaction sets in.

  7. Be grateful

    In a performance society, the goals are quickly clear: More and more and preferably faster and faster. What has already been achieved is no longer enough and is forgotten. But gratitude is an important habit to become more successful.

    Take the time to think about what you have achieved, what opportunities you have presented and who has helped you along the way. From this knowledge you can draw the necessary strength and motivation for further success.

In fact, many successful people have habits that spread throughout the day.

Are broad faces more successful at work?

This is now a US study of the type "American scientists have found that ..." Believe it or not. Or laugh at it. But I don't want to anticipate your reaction now.

Please decide for yourself: Elaine Wong from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her colleagues (Michael Haselhuhn from the same university and Margaret Ormiston from the London Business School) want to have found out Managers with broad faces are more successful and better for the company. In the case of elongated narrow heads, on the other hand, you should consider changing jobs and selling the shares.

It is no coincidence that this reminds you of them Pseudoscience of Physiognomy. Although there is in the context obvious correlations - for example, that ice hockey players with wide heads sit in the penalty box more often than their teammates - but causalities can hardly be deduced from this.

For their study, Wong & Co. analyzed 55 photos of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies (men only) and compared theirs Head shape with the results, i.e. the performance, of the companies. Lo and behold: if the top manager's head was broader than narrow, the companies were in a better financial position. It can be so easy.

A result, that is viewed critically - and please do not generalize - should be.

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