Why do you want to gain knowledge

What do you want to know about engagement and digitization?

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This article is going to be very different today. Normally we would take up a topic now and try to bring that closer to you. And ideally answer any questions that may arise.

Or we would take up a topic and give tips on how you and your organization can implement them.

Often the questions revolve around the topic of “attracting volunteers online”. After all, there are many roads leading to Rome. But this article should turn out a little different than usual.

Ask us your questions!

What is it about this time? That you should have the opportunity to send us your questions.

So what specific questions do you have?

Or what questions are you currently dealing with?

Where are you currently stuck in the topic of getting involved and getting volunteers digitally?

We are happy to answer all of these questions! So we can also see where there is a need to make a video or write a more detailed article.

Inspiration for your questions

But sometimes it is not that easy to formulate your questions precisely. There are simply moments when you know exactly what you are missing, but you just can't say exactly what the question might look like.

If you know the problem: No topic, we have a few pointers that can help you with the question. For example, it can be questions from the field of communication. So one question could be how you can actually act in groups. Or you ask yourself: How do we talk to our target group? There are many questions that arise around communication, so you could start here and see whether it is perhaps a question from the area.

Likewise, your questions can be about tools. After all, we've written about working remotely on several occasions. We have given you tools for this and maybe one or the other would like to introduce such a tool, but has small construction sites right here? Here, too, there are potentially many questions that arise. Which tool should be used? How do we use it? How do we manage to convince our colleagues of this? All legitimate questions.

In general, there may be questions about the approach to topics. We understand that this is a very broad term. But that's how it should be. When it comes to volunteering, engagement and digitization, every question of approach is a good question.

Of course, you can ask about a social media strategy, here I would like to say that this would of course require a joint discussion, as we cannot make a video or article about an individual social media strategy. But of course we are happy to give you smaller tips free of charge.

Then the approach of communicating with volunteers. After all, finding volunteers online is different from, for example, an ad. It requires a lot more initiative and that can of course raise questions, especially at the beginning.

Or is it about voluntary platforms. We can also help here. On the one hand, you are not at all wrong with helpteers and, on the other hand, helpteers of course also knows other platforms. How do you best deal with such a platform, how does such a platform work? All questions that you are welcome to ask us.

Larger questions? It's a pleasure!

And should there be more than just one question or a very extensive question here and there, we at helpteers look forward to exchanging ideas with you. You can contact us on our website, but also on our social platforms.

After all, suggestions and questions are welcome 🙂

With this in mind, we from helpteers wish you a healthy and committed year 2021!

/ by Kira Subkowski