How can you check compliance with legal regulations

Compliance Management

Would you like to flexibly map compliance requirements in access guidelines and manage them efficiently? Would you like to be able to check, audit and report compliance with compliance requirements - both for the past and for the present in real time? Should the compliance management be based on the identity and access management?

Simplify your compliance management

With our products you can track and report at any time who, when and with which user ID accessed which information, application and which system. With our extensive, long-term expertise in the areas of identity and access management, we are both your competent advisor and your reliable project partner when implementing a compliance management solution: transparent, secure and traceable at all times.

Compliance management causes a lot of effort and is associated with high risks. You need to know whether the company complies with legal IT regulations and requirements for identity and access and would pass an audit. With our solutions, the multitude of access guidelines throughout the company is recorded in one central location: clearly and with an intuitive user interface. With our consulting services, we support you to proactively manage the risk and to ensure that even very extensive and complex access guidelines can be adhered to without any problems.