What was the greatest crime in history

Adolf Eichmann - organizer of horror

Eichmann takes over the Jews department

Born in Solingen in 1906, he grew up as a child in Linz, Austria, where he joined the NSDAP in 1932. As early as 1934 he took over the so-called "Jewish department" in the security service in Berlin.

In the following years he organized the "emigration" of Jews, as the expulsion was euphemistically called, first in Vienna, then in Prague. Finally he returned to Berlin. After the Wannsee Conference, his "Eichmann Office" became the central command post for the extermination of European Jews.

He will be tried in Israel

At the end of the war, Eichmann was able to go into hiding and finally flee to Argentina in 1950, where he lived under the name Ricardo Clement. The Israeli secret service tracked him down there in 1960. After months of observation, he was arrested in May and kidnapped nine days later to Israel because there was no extradition agreement between Israel and Argentina.

The following process led to the fact that, after years of silence, the Holocaust was now also publicly discussed in Israel. Hannah Arendt's book about the trial "Eichmann in Jerusalem. A Report on the Banality of Evil" became famous around the world.

Eichmann pleaded not guilty and relied on orders from superiors. But the court sentenced him to death for war crimes and crimes against the Jewish people. The sentence was carried out in 1962. His ashes were scattered over the sea.