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Download royalty free music for free

Download royalty-free music for free - for websites, social media and more!

Download 50 GEMA-free pieces of music for free and use them non-commercially as a private person, e.g. as free background music in YouTube videos (vacation, family, trips etc.) or social media clips (Facebook, Instagram, Twitch). The condition for the free use of the music pieces listed below is compliance with the terms of use (including correct reference to the source).

The free use of the 50 songs on this subpage applies only to private individuals.

For commercial use, visit my MUSIC CATALOG directly and license your song in studio quality - inexpensive and legally secure.

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Download GEMA-free music for free and use it immediately!

Below you will find my selection of free GEMA-free music (format MP3, 128kbps), which you as a private person can use for free. If you would like to use the pieces of music in CD quality (WAV, 44.1kHz, 16Bit, stereo) or if you need a GEMA exemption certificate, you have to purchase a license.

This is how it works: 1. Play MUSIC 2. Click DOWNLOAD ICON and save the song 3. Comply with the TERMS OF USE

For commercial use, click on the "Package Icon" with the corresponding song and you get to the song details page with license selection option.

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Your advantages when buying a license

Music in CD quality  Proof of license  GEMA exemption document

Visit the now Music catalog with a larger selection and license your song in Studio quality (WAV format, 44.1kHz, 16Bit).

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I hope my songs helped you!

If you don't know what to do with your gratitude - I look forward to every little gift ... 🙂


Top donor

1. Christiane O. - 140 € (Wow!)

2. Jörg Dieter S. and Katharina B. - 100 € (great!)

3. Harry H. - 80 € (Thanks!)

Many thanks, of course, to all other donors too!

The last obulus came from: Brigitte O. - 10 € Thank you! 🙂


Terms of use for the free pieces of music

+++ INFO ON USING THE FREE, royalty-free music +++

Which uses are allowed?

  • use exclusively by private individuals * (e.g. for vacation videos, drone films, a project for school, etc.)
    → Companies, associations, authorities, self-employed and freelancers need a license.
  • Changing the length / volume of the piece of music (cut, fade in / fade out, loop)
  • Publication of "private", non-commercial videos on the Internet (source required, see below)

* One Private citizen is a natural person acting on his own behalf (consumer) who does not act as a representative on behalf of companies or authorities.
Example: If you use the music as part of your independent activity, you are considered to be Entrepreneur.


Cite the conditions for the free use of TerraSound as the source

You can include the 50 pieces of music in your non-commercial films free of charge - in return, you only have to cite TerraSound as the source.

1. Indication of source via social media channels (Mandatory! → just copy / paste)

  • YOUTUBE / VIMEO (in the video description) → Free royalty-free music: https://www.terrasound.de/gemafrei-musik-kostenlos-downloaden/
  • FACEBOOK (in the post) → GEMA-free music from @TerraSound_de
  • INSTAGRAM (in the post) → GEMA-free music from @ terrasound.gemafrei.musik

2. Like the Facebook page or subscribe to the YouTube channel (no MUST, but very meritorious! 😉)

Uses that are NOT permitted License required!

  • Any promotional use (e.g. image film, product film, book trailer, showreel, etc.)
  • Use by companies / professionals (retail, GmbH, gGmbH, AG, UG, etc.)
  • Use by authorities (fire brigade, police, authorities, etc.)
  • Use by clubs (e.g. sports clubs, theaters, etc.)
  • Use in conjunction with politics or religion
  • Sampling, remixing, adding additional instruments or vocals, Resale (Sublicensing)

Furthermore, uses that violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, public order or good morals. This applies in particular to racist, violence-glorifying, pornographic or unconstitutional uses of any kind. Use of a TerraSound work in such contexts is not permitted and constitutes a serious breach of contract.

Download royalty-free music for free - why am I doing this?

I know how hard it is to find good background music that you can legally use. Since I am not a member of GEMA, my works are automatically GEMA-free. In addition, I am the author and give the Permission for private individualsto download the 50 pieces of music for free and use them non-commercially.

GEMA-free music for your films - here are two videos from my YouTube channel:

Inner Peace - start the New Year relaxed!

Calm music with sounds of nature - for meditating and relaxing

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You can license the piece "Inner Peace" here with legal certainty: INNER RUHE.
Here you go directly to the category → Meditation Music

The miracle of life - emotional film music

Composer: Dag Reinbott | Instruments: piano and full orchestra

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With Wonder of Life I won 1st place at the HOFA Production & Song Contest 2017 in the category "World & Other". You can download the piece for free as a private person in the playlist below and use it non-commercially.

Where can I make good use of the free, royalty-free music?

When choosing the free pieces of music, I made sure to consider as many different styles of music as possible. The songs from the World Music genre are, for example, very suitable as background music for holiday films. The pieces from the areas of piano music and film music are dynamic and very emotional. Therefore, these songs are ideal for landscape shots, nature films and moving family videos.

Last but not least, there are also the “power songs” from the breakbeat / big beat area. Thanks to their powerful character, these pieces of music are perfect for dubbing sports and action videos.

Important I think that the correct source is given when using the free tracks (GEMA-free music from TerraSound - see Variants for linking above).

I wish you a lot of fun with my free music. Speaking of free of charge - you can now download the piano sheet music for some of my piano pieces for free!

Dag Reinbott