What forces investors to fund films

Money rules the world - climate activists know that too. A new generation of investors wants to force corporations to behave in an environmentally friendly way. Can green capital save the world?

The green investment strategy: companies that operate ecologically are rewarded. But anyone who damages the climate will be turned off the money. So the once subordinate topic of the environment is increasingly becoming a hard currency.

Tharald Nustad is one of the richest Norwegians. The young millionaire is driven by one thought: he wants to use his money to finance innovations that have a positive impact on the environment. For many wealthy millennials like him, climate protection is the most important variable in investment issues. They invest very specifically in such projects, because they have recognized: What good is all the money if at some point it is worthless because you live on a planet that is completely sunk into chaos?

Falko Paetzold from the University of Zurich is researching how big money could take up the fight against climate change. It collects data that no researcher has been able to collect before. Confidential interviews have shown that many ultra-rich people want to invest money sustainably, but don't know how. The 36-year-old former investment banker tries with his concepts to convince wealthy people around the world to invest in climate and social projects. Doing good and reaping returns - meanwhile, this is no longer a contradiction in terms, says the young researcher.

Institutional investors like the Church of England, one of the wealthiest churches in the world, have even more money. Here, too, a rethinking is slowly starting - and not out of pure charity. Because climate change and the resulting extreme weather as well as environmental damage endanger their business - and thus the retirement benefits of many people: The fear of billions in depreciation is around.

The 3sat business documentation "Makro: Green Capital" asks: Can investors really get the big, powerful corporations to rethink - and thus achieve something that keeps politics failing?

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