What are some good sparkling red wines

Best sparkling wines for the summer

Why sparkling wine?

Sparkling wines like champagne and cava have always been the traditional drink when a festival begins. The sound of the cork popping from a bottle of sparkling wine is often the signal that the party begins.

But sparkling wines are also ideal as an everyday drink in the hot summer months.

There's a reason so many of us take a can of Coke when we're thirsty. The hissing really makes a very refreshing drinking experience. Sparkling wine is no different.

Whatever your preference, white or red, sweet or dry, there are some excellent summer sparkling wines available to suit all tastes and budgets.

Dry sparkling wines are the most refreshing ones, they clean the palate with a slightly acidic surface. But even the sweetest sparkling wines can be a great drink on a summer afternoon.

Sparkling wines can also be paired very easily with food. Indeed, one can make the argument that you can have a sparkling wine with anything.

This means that if you spend a lazy day in the garden, snacking on potato chips, a barbecue and summer salad, then a sparkling wine can go well with all these types of dishes.

Of course, you can still mix and match your sparkling wines, you can drink a drier wine with salty foods and also a sweeter wine with desserts and sweet snacks

Overall, sparkling wines from every vintage make a great summer drink. Almost everyone enjoys drinking white and red sparkling wines; they are often the least demanding of all wines.

This means that you don't run the risk of popping the cork and that people won't enjoy the wine. Simply put, sparkling wines are pretty straightforward. Choose a color, a level of sweetness, and that's all.

We have divided the selection of the nine best sparkling wines for the summer into three categories.

  • Budget wines, with a price of less than 15 euros per bottle
  • Midrange wines, with a price of less than 50 euros per bottle
  • Fine wines, over 50 euros per bottle.