Are lock picks legal in Israel

Wettingen AG: He opens your lock with a vibrator


The lockpicker Rubén de Pedro likes to open locks in his spare time without having the right key. But his hobby could quickly become his undoing.

Whether with a hairpin, a modified vibrator or a toothbrush - Rubén de Pedro (42) from Wettingen AG can pick various locks with such everyday objects - without damaging them. The caretaker has been lock picking since childhood. “As a child, I would hang out on the screed playing with a hairpin and a lock. Suddenly it jumped up », he remembers. "That fascinated me so much that I just kept on doing it." James Bond's films are also an inspiration: "Everyone wants to have some skills like 007," explains the native of Spain.

Just like Sherlock Holmes, who owns a wall of locks to train his mental fitness with lockpicking, de Pedro also has several locks and various tools with which he perfects the picking of locks. With lock picking, you take advantage of the lock's weaknesses, as de Pedro explains. “You have to try different tools and techniques to bring the pins of a lock to the right height. That takes precision, patience and calm. " It is particularly important to understand what it looks like inside the castle. So you can also choose the tool better. “The picks have different shapes,” explains de Pedro. "There is, for example, the snowman, the snake and the diamond." Lock picking sets can be bought everywhere. “They cost between 20 and 80 francs,” says de Pedro.

Hobby lockpicker in need of explanation

The lawyer Martin Steiger warns hobby lockpickers like Rubén de Pedro. In an article on Saturday he wrote: "Lock picking as a leisure activity is legal in Switzerland, but in the canton of Zurich, for example, it can lead to a need for explanation to the police." The reason for this is the criminal provision on “criminal tools” in accordance with Article 13 of the cantonal penal and judicial system.

De Ruben is familiar with situations like this: "I was once called to a break-in and when I was about to pick something up for the policewoman, the self-made pick set fell out of my shirt pocket," remembers de Pedro. “She gave me a funny look for a moment. I was very embarrassed. "

Criminals don't have time to peck

In the association SPASS (Schlösser Picken als Schweizer Sport), of which he is president, they have already discussed legal matters. "Just because we walk around with a pick set, we are not burglars," he clarifies. Anyway, criminals would use much rougher methods. “You don't have time to poke around in a hole here. For example, you grab a drill and damage the lock. " That would never happen with his methods.

He himself has never opened a lock without authorization. "I have my training locks, that's enough for me," says de Pedro. In practice, however, his knowledge has often helped him: "If I sometimes forget my keys in the car or at home, I use my tricks to open the door to my office." He has also been able to help other people. “A grandma called me once because she had lost the key to her farmer's cupboard. She was very grateful when I could help her. " Such little moments would be enough for him. His family is also proud that he has a slightly different hobby than others.