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  1. The Evernote update 6.11 for MacOS supports the Touch Bar of the Macbook Pro. Buttons for navigation and editing notes are shown on the additional display. That makes work easier.

  2. The idea of ​​Evernote employees being able to read user notes to improve new machine learning features didn't go down well: the company withdrew plans after complaints. Instead, users will have to explicitly consent to the practice in the future.

  3. Although two-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to secure an account, many users still shy away from it. We explain the most important facts.
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  4. Serious writer work tool or ultimate hipster gadget? We looked at a typewriter with an e-ink display and cloud connection and wondered who would buy the product.
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  5. The Evernote note service has lost customer data. Only Mac users are affected. The cloud-based service saves images, texts and other data online and allows them to be accessed across devices.

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  1. Evernote, the cloud note manager, is apparently having trouble making enough money with its paid offer. He is now increasing the prices and putting users of the free offer under pressure.

  2. In the upcoming OS X 10.11.4, Apple's Notes app will be able to import data from Evernote. The user can completely switch from Evernote to Apple's solution.

  3. Evernote's new boss has been found. Chris O'Neill previously held a senior position at the Google X development lab. Evernote wants to move from the note-taking app, which competes with Microsoft and Apple, to a digital workplace.

  4. The cloud storage service Dropbox has long wanted to move away from pure file hosting and is planning a simple, team-based word processor with Composer. The service is not yet available to the general public, which could compete with Google Docs, Evernote, but also Apple's iWork for iCloud.

  5. After an outage of almost 24 hours, the RSS service Feedly can be used again. Criminals carried out a DDos attack on the Feedly servers and demanded payment to stop the attack.

  1. The newsreader Feedly is currently unavailable for many users. The reason is a DDoS attack with which the company is blackmailed. Evernote currently has the same problem. Feedly is now available again.

  2. Microsoft's Office suite for OS X lacks the Onenote notepad application, which has been available in the Windows version for around ten years. That should change soon - in the form of a free version for Mac users.

  3. Self-adhesive notes from 3M will soon be available with an elephant head print due to a cooperation. This logo belongs to the online note service Evernote, which in the future will allow paper and cloud to grow together with its mobile apps.

  1. The Samsung compact camera WB250F can go online via a WLAN module and, after an update, can now also connect to the Evernote online note service. Photos can be uploaded directly there and shared with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

  2. The cloud note service Evernote can also be used with desktop applications - but the manufacturer has so far neglected the Windows version. Now the first beta of version 5 can be tried out. It should offer 100 new functions.

  3. There is an unofficial extension for Google Keep that connects the note service to the Chrome browser. For example, texts from any website can be archived directly in Keep.

  1. Deutsche Telekom is giving its customers an annual subscription to Evernote Premium. Anyone who already uses the note management system does not have to pay for a year either.

  2. Google's note service Google Keep is now official, after only screenshots appeared so far. This allows you to save small texts, lists or photos and edit them on the web or on Android devices. Google ensures that the notes are synchronized across all devices.

  3. The online sticky note management system Evernote reports that hackers have gained access to user data. The company has reset the passwords across the company.

  1. Evernote offers the Penultimate app for the iPad in the new version 4 free of charge. With Penultimate you can write on the iPad with your fingers or pens and transfer the result to Evernote. Optical character recognition tries to make the text searchable.

  2. The online note management system Evernote has been released in version 5 for Mac OS X and has a revised interface, an improved search function and new options for structuring the content.

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  3. The iOS app of the note management system Evernote has been completely redesigned and is now presented in a new interface, in which all functions can be accessed with one or two taps.

  1. Evernote 5 for Mac is approaching, and an Evernote app for Windows 8 is here. Both are intended to significantly simplify the use of digital notes.

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  2. Found is a full text search for Mac OS X that not only searches your local hard drive, but also personal cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Skydrive, Google Drive and Google Docs.

  3. The old-fashioned paper notebooks from Moleskine are now connected to the digital world: they can be transferred to the computer with an iOS app. Handwritten notes become searchable.

  4. With the Everclip app, users on iOS devices can redirect the clipboard to the Evernote online sticky note. Everclip takes care of the intermediate storage of the data and should avoid constant program switching.

  5. Evernote has taken over the developer of the iOS app Penultimate for its cloud sticky note service. This is intended to improve the handwriting function on the iPad in the future.

  6. Evernote has expanded its cloud sticky note service in the Android version to include voice recognition. This allows texts to be spoken into the notebook and new notes to be created.

  7. Evernote's Skitch screenshot and drawing software is now also available for the iPad. This allows screenshots, map excerpts and websites to be annotated and drawings.

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  8. Evernote is expanding its portfolio of mobile applications to include "Hello" and "Food". Like Evernote itself, they are designed to help people remember the essentials, in this case people and recipes.

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  9. With Clearly, Evernote has introduced a browser extension for Chrome that automatically hides annoying elements from websites. This is intended to increase readability.

  10. Evernote takes over the screenshot and image processing software Skitch and integrates it into the product range. At the same time, the Android version of Skitch will be released.

  11. Evernote has added a link function to its cloud note service in the Mac and Windows versions. This can be used to create links between notes. The lack of this feature was one of the main criticisms of Evernote.

  12. The multi-part magnetic lid Smart Cover from Apple inspired Evernote to create a new iPad application. Evernote Peek uses the Smart Cover for a card learning system.

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  13. Evernote has expanded its Mac version of its note service of the same name to include a Twitter and web publication function. In addition, the user can now record spoken notes directly in the application.

  14. Evernote has added a sharing function to the Windows version of its cloud note service. This allows individual notes to be published on Facebook and Twitter or forwarded as a direct URL.

  15. Evernote's iOS application has been completely redesigned in version 4. Users can now take notes directly from the home screen. In addition, several attachments can be attached to the notes.

  16. The scanning service provider Officedrop has presented Cloud Capture, a free software for Windows and Mac OS X that moves scanned documents to Google Docs and Evernote. It is free in the beta phase.

  17. After a short beta phase, the Evernote sticky note program was officially released in version 2.0 for the Mac. A new function is intended to clear the chaos caused by too many disorganized notes.

  18. With its new Windows version 4.1, the note service Evernote enables several notebooks to be combined in a stack. This is intended to maintain an overview, especially with many individual notebooks. In addition, the maximum number of synchronized notebooks that Evernote users can save in an account has increased from 100 to 250.

  19. Evernote has introduced a new Mac version for its note service of the same name. Version 2.0 is still in beta and allows you to share notes with others. In addition, several notes can be bundled using topic stacks in order to improve the overview.

  20. There is an update for Apple's iOS devices for the Evernote sticky note application. Version 3.3 is coordinated with the upcoming iOS 4.2 and supports multitasking. The main innovation, however, is far more subtle: Evernote notes can now be created from many apps.

  21. The online sticky note application Evernote has been released in a new version for Android. It has been completely redesigned and equipped with new search and sorting functions to make the notes clearer.

  22. The note service Evernote has presented its Windows client completely revised in version 4. As part of the update, old braids were cut off, which still led to considerable problems with version 3.5: Blurry fonts, high resource requirements and other difficulties ensured that users were better advised with version 3 than with 3.5.

  23. The online sticky note application Evernote can now also process the handwritten, digitized notes from the Livescribe pen. The Pulse and Echo pens can send their data directly to the cloud storage service.

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  24. The online sticky note management company Evernote has introduced a new extension for Google's Chrome, which can be used to search the user's notes and Google simultaneously via the web browser. In this way, research can be standardized within your own comments and on the web.

  25. The online sticky note management company Evernote has introduced a function for website operators that allows their visitors to add selected items to the sticky note collection at the push of a button. Until now, the user had to work with browser extensions and the clipboard.

  26. The makers of Evernote announced that there was already a data loss on the Evernote servers in early July 2010. In the meantime, however, the data of most of the affected customers are said to have been restored.

  27. A new version of the Mac software PDFpen has been released, which now works together with the online notepad service Evernote. PDFpen 4.7 is used to edit PDFs and also has optical character recognition for scanned text templates.

  28. The Evernote online sticky note management system has been equipped with a new Firefox add-on. For the first time, it gives the user the choice of starting the installed Evernote desktop application or capturing the text snippet via the web application.

  1. Android 4.4.2 perks up tired smartphones

    With the L40, LG presents one of the first smartphones with the current Android version 4.4.2, which costs less than 100 euros. Thanks to the optimizations by Kitkat, the performance of the small device is surprising - and it should not only be of interest to beginners.
    (Lg L40)

  2. The software packages for Debian 7 aka Wheezy will be frozen until the Linux distribution is released. In future, only errors may be corrected. New functions should only be added in exceptional cases.
    (Debian Wheezy)

  3. Touchscreen phones with 40 EA games

    Nokia introduces two new Asha models that are equipped with a touchscreen. The Asha user interface should enable a smartphone-like operation and 40 games from Electronics Arts (EA) are preinstalled on the devices.
    (Nokia Asha)

  4. Transparent LCD as a refrigerator door

    Samsung wants to use a 46-inch display as a refrigerator door. The Korean conglomerate is active in both business areas and wants to integrate its new development from the electronics sector into white goods with the transparent display.
    (Samsung transparent display)

  5. "Bashiok" confirms Diablo 3 for console

    It's still not the really official announcement, but at least one of the high-ranking Blizzard employees has now confirmed that Diablo 3 will also be available for consoles.
    (Diablo 3 console)

  6. Microsoft Surface now in Germany (update)

    Microsoft is now offering its Surface multimedia table in Germany and eleven other European countries. The table with multi-touch operation and gesture control allows the virtual and real world to merge through the integration of physical objects.
    (Microsoft Surface)

  7. Apple builds 17-inch TFTs on the iMac

    At the Macworld Expo in New York, Steve Jobs showed in his annual opening keynote a 17-inch model of the new iMac model, which is affectionately known by fans as the "bedside lamp". The 17-inch screen is not designed in the usual 4: 3 aspect ratio, but in a 16:10 ratio and has a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, 64 percent more than the 15-inch iMac.

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