In what size should pictures be sent by e-mail

Send photos by email
You have the following options for sending by email.
• Embedded Photos: Allows you to embed photos in the body of your email. This way, the person who receives your email can see the photos as soon as they open the email. Embedded photos will only appear in HTML emails. This is a standard message format. However, if you know that the recipient of your email can only receive plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF) messages, use the Attachment option.
• Attachment: allows you to send photos as attachments. Each item is attached as a separate file in the original file format and the email recipient can choose how to display the photos.
Choosing a size for photos
You can reduce the size of your photos or resize your photos to reduce the overall size of the email. This option is useful, for example, when you want to reduce the size of a photo so that you can send it to a mobile device. The “Maximum Photo Size” setting allows you to specify the maximum width of a photo in pixels without changing the proportions of the image. For example, if your photo is 2048 × 1536 pixels and you select a maximum photo size of 640 pixels, your photo will be scaled to 640 × 480 pixels. The size information for each image is displayed above the preview thumbnail in the Email dialog box, and the estimated total size of the email is displayed next to the preview thumbnail.
To be able to send items by e-mail, you must be connected to the Internet and a standard e-mail program with MAPI support (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) must be set up on your computer. The computer must also be configured to use the MAPI email client.
How to send photos via email
1 Click FileE-Mail and choose one of the following options:
• Active Image: allows you to send the photo that is active in the image window.
• All Open Pictures: allows you to send all the photos open in the picture window.
• All Selected Items: allows you to send all currently selected photos.
2 In the Email dialog box, do one of the following:
• Embedded Photos: Displays photos in the body of your email.
• Attachments (original file format): Sends photos as individual file attachments. With this option, the original file format is retained.
3 From the Maximum Photo Size drop-down list, select a size.
The total size of your email is shown next to the preview.
Some e-mail providers restrict the size of e-mails, which can prevent large e-mails from being sent or received. You can reduce the size of the email by choosing a smaller setting for Maximum Photo Size or by choosing fewer photos.
The Embedded Photos option is only available for email clients that support the extended MAPI standard, such as Outlook.
Use the playback arrows below the preview thumbnail to review the items to be sent.