How can you learn to make amigurumi

Animally cute - crocheting amigurumi made easy

Learn to crochet three different amigurumis

Are you looking for a cozy friend for yourself or your loved ones? Or are you looking for an individual gift? Then Fridolin, the cuddly cockatoo, Florentina the snail and Richard the lion are exactly the right choice for you! With his colorful plumage, Fridolin brings a touch of spring and a good dose of good mood into every room. Florentina the love snail makes the eyes of your loved ones shine and Richard the lion is the courageous protector. Crochet a dear companion for all situations - according to your own color ideas.

Crochet cute amigurumis with different body parts

We'll show you how to crochet, sew, decorate, decorate and darn the individual body parts. By showing all the amigurumi basics, you will find it easier to follow up on other amigurumi projects.

You will learn that

  • how to crochet single crochets
  • how to make gains and losses
  • how you do color changes
  • how to attach safety eyes
  • how to embroider eyes (alternatively)
  • how to properly stuff amigurumi
  • how to sew individual parts of the body together
  • how you decorate, decorate
  • how to breathe character into the face
  • how to make a magic ring
  • how you sew threads

You should be able to do that already

  • You should have crocheted a pot holder or something similar before so that you are familiar with single crochet stitches and slip stitches.