There is clairvoyance and premonition

This is how you strengthen the sixth sense


Everyone has it within them, but it is still considered mysterious: the sixth sense. What is his job? And how can you train your sixth sense?

Sometimes five senses are not enough: namely when it comes to things that are there but cannot be seen, heard, smelled, touched or tasted. Then the sixth sense comes into play - also called intuition, premonition or extrasensory perception. But not only clairvoyants and telepaths have it. In fact, every person has a sixth sense, it is just often not recognized or given enough attention. How do you learn to recognize and use it?


The sixth sense in life and everyday life


Do you know that? You can feel how someone is doing who is not even there. You have a premonition and you are right. Your sixth sense reveals itself in moments like this: through feelings and premonitions that accompany you all the time, but which are not always tangible.

Many people are also guided by their intuition when making important decisions. Rational considerations alone often do not get you any further here. Then gut instinct can make the difference and reveal solutions that the mind could not find.

Warnings are also often due to the sixth sense: Logically not explainable, an uneasy feeling in the stomach reports. So you might not sign a contract after all or choose a different route than usual - and afterwards you will be happy when it turns out that you intuitively made the right decision.


The interaction of the senses


The sixth sense does not exist apart from the others. It is based on their perceptions and also includes your experience and knowledge. When your inner voice answers, you have already perceived something through the other senses. The sixth sense interprets this - a certain feeling or a premonition are the result.

People with high spiritual awareness are often aware of their sixth sense early on. Even in childhood or adolescence, they have visions or can foresee certain events. Those who have particularly strong empathy and a very active sixth sense can even perceive things that affect other people. When it comes to telepathy, clairvoyance or psi phenomena, one speaks of extrasensory abilities.


How intuition guides fate


The fate of every person is shaped, among other things, by their life's work. Many have been attracted to a certain path since their youth and do everything in their power to follow it. This can be a job, a research task, a adopted home or something else - the inner voice, the sixth sense, guides you to your goal.

But while some find their calling quickly, others look for it for years. Then clairvoyants or astrologers come into play: They stand by these people in important situations and help them to make the right decision for their fate. But it is also possible to strengthen your own sixth sense through exercises.


The development of the sixth sense - what is important?


How strongly your sixth sense is developed depends on your sensitivity and on whether you are willing to listen to your inner voice. Anyone who does this will gradually get a good feel for the perception of this voice. You can consciously strengthen the sixth sense with exercises for self-awareness, expansion of consciousness and body awareness.

For example, yoga or meditation are suitable for this. If you manage to switch off the world around you and to go inside, you will encounter feelings, sensations and premonitions that you have hardly noticed before.


This is how you develop intuition and perception


The first step is to open up to spiritual experiences and perceptions. This works best if you block out everything else around you and concentrate fully on it:

  • meditation opens knowledge and favors the development of the sixth sense. During a meditation phase you are a lot closer than usual in complete harmony with yourself and your inner being.
  • Feel again and again mindful into yourself and perceive the signals that your body and mind are sending you. Especially if you feel a queasy feeling in the abdominal area, for example, it is worthwhile to pause and pay more attention to it.
  • Also a certain inner one Restlessness you should pay attention. It is often a sign that your sixth sense is coming up. This can herald upcoming events, both positive and negative.

Would you like to develop your sixth sense? Our consultants will help you with this. Sharpen your intuition!