Eating gajak makes you fat

For these 5 reasons, alcohol makes you fat

Everyone knows men with beer bellies. But we women also tend to use a little bit of alcohol with regular alcohol consumption. Sweet cocktails, a beer here and there - that's anything but healthy, and not just for our organs. But why does alcohol actually make you fat and how can you still enjoy it? We'll tell you.

Let's be honest, we imagine the perfect lifestyle like this: Top figure and still enjoying life to the fullest without having to forego anything. But if we really want to be slim and healthy, we should actually avoid sins like alcohol. Because this is a real fattening food and prevents successful weight loss when dieting.

That's why alcohol makes you fat

Alcohol consumption not only makes you fat in the long run, is unhealthy and makes us age faster, it also counteracts your fitness program. A few drinks in one evening can set you back by a month in your training success. Why you should avoid alcohol, also or especially in the course of a diet:

# 1 It causes food cravings

Since alcohol goes into the blood immediately, the secretion of insulin increases. This means that less fat is broken down and you suddenly develop cravings. That's why you grab unhealthy snacks very quickly, in large quantities. That is why the so-called beer diet is not a good idea either.

# 2 It's high in calories

Pure alcohol does not provide any nutrients for the body, but depending on the concentration 200 to 700 “empty” calories per 100 grams, which is close to the calorie content of pure fat! So you'd have to do a lot of exercise to get it all off.

# 3 sugar cocktails

Especially sweet cocktails have it all. All the sugar makes them so delicious and we just can't get enough of them. So on a nice evening with the girls in the bar you can quickly get a few glasses of the calorie bombs together.

# 4 It blocks fat loss

When you drink alcohol, your liver is busy breaking down it for a while. Until then, it cannot utilize the fat from other foods, which ends up on your hips faster.

# 5 He makes you big belly

Especially in women, abdominal fat quickly accumulates due to high alcohol consumption. Our hormones are to blame for this. So the cliché with the male beer belly is not entirely true - because our body size can also increase quickly.

This is how you can enjoy alcohol without getting fat

Admittedly, it can be really difficult to continue participating in social life without having a little drink. So if you don't want to go without a beer while celebrating and a nice evening with friends, you should keep a few things in mind. Especially when you don't want to gain weight! In this way you will also protect your health and maybe learn over time to be more conscious about alcohol consumption.

  • In order to reduce your alcohol consumption in general, you should try to have a maximum of one glass in the evening.
  • Reach for drinks with a lower alcohol content, because these also have fewer calories than the "hard" drinks.
  • If you like to drink wine, mix it with mineral water and make a wine spritzer out of it.
  • Whenever you consume alcohol, you should drink plenty of water to counteract, about 250 milliliters per glass of alcohol. That dries out the body less.
  • Do you like your cocktails to be really sweet and with lots of cream? Try to stay away from it and switch to lighter drinks instead.
  • If you get hungry, you should try to avoid other fattening foods such as fast food or other fatty foods, no matter how much you crave them. Instead, grab healthy snacks like vegetables as possible.
  • Even on hangover days (when you're not bothered by nausea) you could just eat anything you can get your hands on. Take these days into account when shopping and equip your refrigerator with plenty of dairy products, fruit and vegetables beforehand. Superfoods can also help against hangovers:

It is said that anyone who strives for a healthy diet should completely avoid alcohol. However, a limited consumption of alcoholic beverages can already help to ensure a flatter stomach and shed the pounds faster. You will also feel better in general, not just on Sunday mornings!

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